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Supplementary Info

The roll-over bed has a folded depth of only 350mm, which is very slim and space-saving. In Hong Kong’s living environment where space is at a premium, the roll-over bed is an example of making full use of space. The off-the-shelf model does not have a leg protection design. Customers can choose to remove the leg rails at the bed box, or use L-shaped corner codes to fix the bed box to the wall.


There are standard sizes of 3-foot, 4-foot, and 5-foot beds to choose from. Whether you want a single bed or a double bed, the roll-over bed can be made!

LivoH超薄側翻床床箱最薄可以做到350mm,同時都放到6寸厚床褥,比傳統的梳化床舒服很多。 (如想使用更厚的床褥,可訂造合適的床箱尺寸)

The LivoH ultra-thin roll-over bed box can be as thin as 350mm, and at the same time, it contains a 6-inch thick mattress, which is much more comfortable than traditional sofa beds. (If you want to use a thicker mattress, you can order a suitable bed box size)


Want to make the most of your space and have more storage? You can choose to customize the style of the flip-up bed with the top cabinet to use up the height of the floor for storage! There is also space for a bedside table and bookcase.


The roll-over bed needs to be mounted on a wall to be stable enough. It is recommended that when planning the placement of furniture, the roll-over bed should be placed with its back against a load-bearing wall. Only in this way will it be stable enough. When the bed is turned down, it is 100% safe!


If you want to sleep more comfortably, you can upgrade to a soft bag in the bed box. It will be more comfortable to sit on before going to bed, and you will not be afraid that your hands and feet will directly knock the bed board down while sleeping. However, please note that the depth of the bed box will increase accordingly after adding soft bags.


All rollover bed models are equipped with buffer-type hydraulic air supports, which prevent the rollover bed from falling suddenly when opening and stowing it, making it safer to use.


Customized styles are available in a variety of colors, either single color or a combination of colors, depending on your home style.

主色及次色圖示 (適用於拼色設計)

Illustration of primary and secondary colors (applicable to color-blocking designs)


What if the standard size of the ready-made model is not enough to fit your home? We also offer the option of custom sizing services. (Note that the production period for custom-made services is longer. If you need more details, please contact our customer service)


Detailed dimensions of the ready-made roll-over bed that can hold a 3-foot mattress


Detailed dimensions of the ready-made roll-over bed that can hold a 4-foot mattress


The current model can hold a 5-foot mattress and the detailed dimensions of the roll-over bed


If you want more storage space, you can order a flip-up bed with a top cabinet in the size of your choice, so you have a bed and a cabinet at the same time!





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