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#605 style (arc horizontal stripes)


The arc shape is not afraid of collision, the streamlined design is more elegant, and the space will not become crowded when placed in a small unit.

四色選擇: 卡其色、米白色、棕色、灰色,自己搭配出不同的家居風格!

Four colors to choose from: khaki, off-white, brown, gray, you can match it to different home styles!


The curved backrest can perfectly wrap your lower back, making you more comfortable while dining.


Slim units are very suitable for dining chairs without armrests to save space. A small rectangular dining table can seat two people on one side.


Used with a large dining table, the elegant design of the dining chair makes it more luxurious. Whether it is used at home or in the office, there is no problem!


Pairing two-color dining chairs can make the interior style more lively and interesting. The modern home style starts with the dining chairs.


The slightly expanded chair legs make the dining chair more stable and prevent the dining chair from flipping backwards, providing a better use experience.


#605 detailed dimensions
#607 (square foot model)


#607Detailed dimensions

#610 (color block gray straight pattern)


Hao Furniture selects a variety of imitation leather dining chairs for customers. If you are interested in ordering dining chairs, you are welcome to come to the store to try them out.

兩色選擇: 淺灰拼深灰、米黃拼深灰

Two color options: light gray with dark gray, beige with dark gray


The front and back leather color matching, coupled with the unique dark gray straight grain design, show a modern fashion style, and the addition of skin-friendly imitation leather material will make both adults and children fall in love with it.


Choco’s contemporary faux leather dining chairs are perfect for pairing with a slate dining table.


The hollow design on the backrest of the dining chair is comfortable and transparent, so you won’t feel uncomfortable after sitting for a long time.


#610Detailed dimensions

#612 (thick padded arc style)


If you want to sit more comfortably while eating or working, you can choose a dining chair with thicker cushions. The cushions and backrests are cushioned, so you can sit comfortably and not worry about getting tired.

2色選擇: 淺灰拼深灰、棕色拼深灰

2 color options: light gray with dark gray, brown with dark gray


#612Detailed dimensions


#612 dining chair actual photo_grey





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