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Wood grain, solid color and marble grain are the most popular furniture finishes. Wood grain furniture has a warm and leisurely feel. Solid color is easy to match with various household items to create a personal style, while marble grain is full of modern and simple style. Adding a few metal handles or decorations and lighting here will immediately give the furniture a light and luxurious feel, so the style of marble furniture is very changeable. This time we are going to introduce to you a set of black and white marble pattern TV cabinets.

Black and white TV cabinets create unlimited styles

The black and white marble pattern is more neutral than the warm light wood grain. If it is matched with the same color decoration, it will have a hotel-style sophistication; if it is matched with colorful home furnishings, it will have a playful and lively modern style. , if you like round art, you can use small potted plants to create an elegant and natural feeling.

The fine-core solid wood plywood we choose has a variety of black, white and gray stone texture finishes for customers to freely combine. The stone texture is as realistic as real stone, waiting for you to match it to create unlimited styles!

Striking a balance between storage and style

Simplicity has become popular in recent years, and TV cabinets are no longer limited to the “full storage cabinet” style, but after all, ordinary families still have large and small sundries and daily necessities that need to be stored, such as health care medicines, set-top box remote controls, stationery, environmental protection bags, various small appliances and chargers, masks, etc., so the TV cabinet always needs a certain amount of storage space, so we made a row of cabinets above and below the TV, which is not too cumbersome but square. The actual design has a lot of storage capacity.

The upper row of lockers are all hidden in design. The doors can hide all clutter, while the lower row of lockers have a large drawer on the left and right. The open compartment in the middle can be used to place game consoles, set-top boxes, routers, etc. for easy opening and closing. and check.

The detail of the furniture lies in the safe small round edge design

A piece of furniture will be used for more than ten years at any time. In addition, TV cabinets and storage cabinets may be opened, closed, and touched every day. We not only pursue practicality and beautiful appearance, but also details cannot be ignored, such as all the positions beside the cabinet. It is designed with small round edges, which are not as sharp as right angles. It will not be easily injured if accidentally bumped. If there are young and old at home, you may wish to consider the safety design of small round edges when ordering furniture.

With flip-up cabinet doors, you no longer have to worry about bumping your head

I believe many people have tried to forget to open the door of a wall cabinet or storage cabinet. If they raise their head or turn around, their head will hit the cabinet door. This kind of cruel force is really painful. If you want to avoid the cabinet door hitting your head, you can choose the flip-up cabinet door for the upper row of lockers. The cabinet door flips up, so you won’t be afraid of hitting your head! Each cabinet door is fixed with two door hinges and two hydraulic air supports. The cabinet door will not be closed accidentally after it is opened, making it safer to use.

However, one disadvantage of the flip-up cabinet door is that it is more difficult for petite people to close the cabinet door, because the height of the flip-up cabinet door is almost equal to the height of the entire TV cabinet. Most boys’ heights and tall girls have no problem, but if they are petite girls, it may not be suitable to use flip-up cabinet doors.

Suspended base cabinets make the space more transparent

The design of suspended floor cabinets has become very popular in recent years. They are usually 15-20 cm above the ground. Sweeping robots, yoga mats, small vacuum cleaners, slippers or small folding furniture can be stored in this space to keep the living room visually tidy. . If the storage space at home is sufficient, you can also install LED light strips in suspended positions to create a light-penetrating effect. This will not only increase the atmosphere of the indoor space, but also make the living room lighter and more transparent. We have made many similar styles for customers, and all of them have been well received by customers.

The light strips on the four sides of the TV cabinet exude warm light

Except for the suspended position, there are LED light strips on all sides of the TV cabinet, exuding soft and warm light, which can definitely bring a sense of warmth to the entire living room. The left and right light strips are stored behind the rock slab background wall to achieve the visual effect of “seeing the light but not seeing the light”, which creates a sense of high-end when set against the rock slab.

If you want to customize a TV cabinet of similar style, please contact us. Our local stores also have the same TV cabinet on display, welcome to visit.





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