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The special thing about this bedroom is that all the rooms are painted pink, which perfectly highlights the girlish feeling. In fact, the guest is a middle-aged woman, but because she particularly likes pink, all the rooms are painted pink, including the floor. All pink.


In terms of design, the height of this platform is 1 meter. Even if I am 1.7 meters tall, sitting on the platform, I would not be able to reach the ground with even one of my feet, and I would have to hang my legs. So we can see that this platform has 3 steps of stairs for easy access. With such a high platform, of course, you want to have a lot of storage space. At this depth, it can be placed vertically even as a suitcase.


In addition, since this house type is a village house, there will be a bottom of the stairs. In order not to block the space under the stairs, we specially opened an opening in the side panel of the platform to facilitate the use of the space under the stairs.


Finally, we made a wall cabinet at the end of the bed for hanging clothes. But because the room itself is not very big, if we build a wardrobe from the floor to the ceiling, there will be no room to put the mattress, so the only way to build a wardrobe is to build a hanging cabinet at the end of the bed. Leave enough space in the middle of the end of the bed for the mattress and footboard.


Of course, pink is only one choice for customers. We have many other colors to choose from. If you know which color will complement your room, please contact us immediately~~

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