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Everyone knows that mirrors can increase the sense of space~~ This time I took this idea to the extreme and made a super large mirror wall cabinet in the living room. The wall cabinet uses a sliding bus door, so that it is not afraid of being knocked outside when the door is opened. It took three people to install this cabinet successfully. The entire cabinet is fixed with pull-out screws. So there is no need to worry about safety issues.

This set of multifunctional corner cabinets actually combines a shoe cabinet, a shoe changing stool and an invisible door. Books, sundries, shoes, etc. can be easily stored. The integrated invisible door design greatly increases the unity of the entire space. In addition, all our base cabinets are suspended 150mm from the ground, making it easy to store commonly worn shoes under the base cabinets.

This set of L-shaped corner cabinets is made of white solid fireproof rubber board. The advantage of white solid fireproof rubber board is that there is no black air/black edge, that is, there is no black edge visible on the side of the cabinet. In this way, the lines of the entire cabinet will become smooth and natural. Traditionally custom-made pure white cabinets are made using the baking lacquer process, but lacquer cabinets are prone to paint explosions and are prone to dents upon impact. Therefore, for the sake of durability, many people now avoid using baked paint to make furniture. Solid white fireproof plastic board has become a good alternative to clothing cabinets. It’s also white and square when made, and it’s not easy to get damaged.

Therefore, customizing white cabinets with solid-color fireproof rubber sheets is definitely a good choice.

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