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This time we customized the TV cabinet and shoe cabinet for the customer, which perfectly shows the effect of wood grain and gray. The color of wood grain makes people feel comfortable. When combined with gray, it produces a strong style effect.

In addition, the advantage of customizing the TV cabinet is of course that you can control the length, width and height of the TV cabinet. Nowadays, new units are becoming more and more thin. We sometimes receive comments from customers that since the living room area is relatively small, they originally wanted to find some shallower TV cabinets on the market, but in the end, they went to dozens of furniture stores and could not find a suitable one. Deep TV cabinet. Because the depth of general TV cabinets is more than 400mm. If the living room itself is not deep enough, there will be basically no way out after placing a 400 mm TV cabinet. Therefore, at this time, a relatively shallow TV cabinet needs to be specially customized. The thinnest TV cabinet can actually be 300mm without any problem.

In addition to considering the depth of the TV cabinet, the height of the TV base cabinet is actually one of the things that needs to be considered. Maybe you don’t know that elderly people generally like taller TV cabinets. Because more sundries can be placed, and the TV is raised a little higher, so people can sit a little straighter. But it is not easy to find a taller TV base cabinet on the market, because the average TV base cabinet is about 400-500mm high, and the height preferred by the elderly is generally 600mm, which is difficult to find. So it’s time to order again. Therefore, custom-made TV cabinets provide everyone with flexibility in size and can be customized according to the space on site and personal needs.

Let’s talk about the shoe cabinet we customized for the customer. You will see that the design of this shoe cabinet is quite special. There is an empty space in the middle for the customer to place a ready-made shoe cabinet bought on the market. The reason is because the customer said that she actually bought this shoe cabinet not long ago, so she didn’t want to waste it, so she asked us to leave a space for her to put her original shoe cabinet.

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