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The white TV base cabinet with wood grain brings out a strong simple style. The TV base cabinet adopts a long strip design and a wide countertop space, allowing the owner to decorate according to his own preferences or lay down seat cushions to entertain guests. The TV base cabinet is divided into two layers. The lower layer has a storage space with doors, while the upper layer has an open shelf for placing the TV on top. A wall-mounted cabinet was built above the base cabinet. The left side is also made of storage shelves with doors, while the right side is made of open checkered shelves.


For the living room, we made a large wardrobe built into the wall. Although we didn’t take pictures of the interior compartments of the wardrobe, you can still see that our wardrobe is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper door is used to place quilts, and the lower side is used to hang clothes.


The master room used coffee cloth color and made a 4.5-foot hydraulic bed. The bed board of the hydraulic bed can be fully opened to provide huge storage space.


Friends who need to make hydraulic beds, platform beds, built-in wardrobes or TV cabinets are welcome to contact us.


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