Supplementary Info

The furniture we customized for our guests this time is tatami + double-sided cabinets, creating an area for rest and leisure. The back of the double-sided cabinet is made of pure wood grain finish, which is noble and gorgeous. A TV can be installed on the back to instantly turn it into a TV feature wall.

On the other side of the double-sided cabinet is plenty of storage space. There is no door panel in the lower part, making it convenient for guests to store things directly.


The floor is equipped with hydraulic door panels and invisible handles for easy opening and closing.


A large wardrobe was built next to the door. The interior of the wardrobe is equipped with shelves and hanging passages, so you can fold and hang clothes at the same time, so you can choose from them.


There are two stairs on the floor for easy access.


All cabinets are built from the ground to the ceiling, making full use of every inch of space.


If you also want a tatami area in the living room, you might as well ask us about the customization method~~~

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