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Have you ever thought that the hall cabinet can actually be integrated with the sofa? The above is a good example. The backrest of this sofa is actually a flip-down door. When opened, everything on the back of the sofa can be placed. The base of the sofa is left empty, which is actually used for customers to place large storage plastic boxes from Japantown. Anyone who has children will know that there are always two boxes of toys in the house. How to place these plastic boxes is often a headache. Customizing this C-shaped cabinet can provide a very good place for these plastic boxes. The plastic box is stored close to the ground and can be pulled out and pushed in directly. Although the plastic box can also be placed inside the bed box, if you need to lift the bed board every time you play with toys, and the entire plastic box can be taken out from the bed box, it will actually be a very laborious task.


A straight-shaped sofa can be matched with a straight-shaped dining table. Even if you have many friends, you don’t need to worry about having no place to greet them.


If you also have special storage needs, please contact us to learn more about customized furniture solutions 😀

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