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榻榻米及玻璃飾櫃 中空櫃 鞋櫃 靯櫃 鞋櫃 中空櫃

3 furniture tips to add space to your living room

The first thing you will notice when entering is the living room. If you want to increase the comfort of the living room, you can do so by increasing the sense of space in the living room. In terms of furniture design, there are actually several places that can help you. This time, let us take a look at this case and the secret techniques used to create a sense of space~!


To have a living room with a large sense of space, you can achieve it by increasing the light transmittance of the living room. The first method is not to block any windows in the living room so that sunlight can enter the house directly.

Furniture mostly uses glass or mirrors

Another way is to use more glass and mirrors on furniture so that light in the house can reflect each other. Taking our case as an example, we made a glass display cabinet on the top of the window. This glass display cabinet can draw the attention of the eye by placing accessories and reduce the perception of the living room space.

Make more hollow cabinets

Try to make as few cabinets as possible that are connected from the floor to the ceiling, and make more cabinets that are hollow. The hollow position can also expose the original wall, so that the visual distance of the eyeballs will naturally increase and the sense of space will be revealed.

The corner position does not make a right angle

Right-angled lockers will appear larger than non-right-angled lockers. The corner part of the locker can be made into a triangle like this case or a semicircular open shelf.


If you also want to create living room furniture with a sense of space, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time~!





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