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The entrance is the place that connects the outside and the inside of the house, and it is the first thing you see when you enter the door. Therefore, a clean and well-designed entrance is very important. If your home is about to be renovated, you must learn the following 10 key points in entrance design!

1. Small entry countertop has a place for keys and letters

Just imagine if there is no countertop at the entrance, you can take the keys and the letters you just took home from the mailbox and put them on the coffee table, TV cabinet, dining table, sofa… The next time you are in a hurry to go out, you will definitely not Remember where you put your keys, so there is a small countertop at the entrance so that you can put away the odds and ends as soon as you enter. How important it is!

Entrance cabinets, floor cabinets, or hollowing out small corners of the entrance to form small countertops can provide a place for your keys and letters.

Entrance cabinets, floor cabinets, or hollowing out small corners of the entrance to form small countertops can provide a place for your keys and letters.

2. Place an umbrella stand so the house will no longer be wet.

On rainy days, it is usually awkward to go home with a dripping umbrella. You want to find a place to put the umbrella, but you are afraid that the rain will drip and wet the whole house. If you place an umbrella stand in the entrance, you won’t have the above embarrassing situation. You can put the umbrella as soon as you enter, and then easily change your shoes and enter the house. You don’t have to worry about rainy days anymore.

在玄關擺放傘架, 屋內不再濕漉漉
Place an umbrella stand at the entrance to prevent the house from getting wet

3. The cabinet is suspended 20 centimeters in the air, so the entrance will no longer be messy.

The space in the entrance hall is not large, and the most fearful thing is that it will give people a sense of oppression as soon as they enter. The suspended cabinet design makes it feel lighter and less burdensome, and the empty space below will not be wasted. Slippers or visitors’ shoes can be placed for ease of use. The entrance is no longer messy.

玄關鞋櫃懸空20厘米, 令視覺效果更輕巧無負擔, 亦可擺放拖鞋
The shoe cabinet in the entrance hall is suspended 20 cm, making the visual effect lighter and less burdensome. Slippers can also be placed

4. Reserve space in the shoe cabinet for each family member

Shoe cabinets are indispensable furniture for the entrance. The standard depth of shoe cabinets is about 35-40 centimeters. However, if the width of the entrance is insufficient or you want the shoe cabinet to be shallow, you can consider the inclined shoe storage method. If you need more storage space, you can also choose to rotate the shoe rack to increase the storage space.

When planning the storage of shoe cabinets, you can first count the number of shoes of family members and budget the size of the shoe cabinet to ensure that everyone has enough space to store shoes.

When planning the storage of shoe cabinets in the entrance, you can first count the number of shoes of family members and budget the size of the shoe cabinets.
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5. The soft texture makes the cabinet look like it doesn’t take up space.

If the entrance to your home is not large, in order to make the entrance cabinet look less space-consuming, you can choose a panel with a light color and soft texture, or a color close to the floor, which will enlarge the visual space of the entrance.

The soft texture makes the cabinet look like it doesn’t take up space.

6. Concealed handle cabinet doors form different geometric patterns

In addition to saving space, concealed handle cabinet doors can actually form a different geometric pattern when cabinet doors of different sizes are combined, with different lengths and directions, to embellish ordinary entrance cabinets.

The concealed handles of the entrance cabinet doors can form different geometric patterns.

7. Large capacity storage to meet the requirements of all family members

In addition to the most basic need to change shoes, you usually carry a lot of items when you enter the door, such as bags and shopping bags, and you need to find a place to put them. Some items that are inconvenient to be placed indoors, such as children’s outdoor toys, rain boots, umbrellas, etc., usually do not want to pollute the interior. If they can be stored in the entrance, they can meet the requirements of all family members.

8. Pull-out storage racks use up locker depth

The pull-out storage rack (pull-out rack) can pull out the entire space, making it clear at a glance, using up the entire depth of the storage cabinet, and storing large items, such as toilet paper or vacuum cleaners, no problem!

The advantage of the pull-out rack is that you are not afraid that things placed outside will block the things inside, making it difficult to extract the things inside. The drawer is different from the drawer. The drawer can only be 1300mm above the ground. However, the space of the drawer can be seen from the side and can be very high, so the drawer can make better use of the space.

玄關的抽拉式置物架, 用盡儲物櫃深度
The pull-out storage shelves in the entrance use up the depth of the storage cabinets

9. Entrance lighting not only illuminates but also creates an atmosphere.

The home space should be comfortable. Even if it is the entrance for a short stay, the color temperature should not be too white. White light will make people feel dazzling and uncomfortable when entering the door. Choose a color temperature of 2800 to 4000K, the space will feel warmer, and the brightness will be enough to illuminate the entrance. , if the space is large, in addition to using soft main lights to create an atmosphere, you can also use higher brightness light strips as indirect light sources to make the entire entrance brighter.

玄關燈光不只照明, 還可營造氣氛
Entrance lighting not only illuminates, but also creates an atmosphere

10. The storage space extends to the living room to make the space more closely related.

The entrance cabinet and the living room storage cabinet are integrated into one, which can make the relationship between the two spaces closer and the style of the space more consistent.

玄關櫃延伸至客廳中空櫃, 令空間關係更緊密

If you also want to customize the entrance cabinet, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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