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In the past, the TV cabinet was one of the most important storage spaces in the home. Food, medicine, small appliances, documents and letters were all stored in the large TV cabinet, which was simply the “treasure bag” of the home. Therefore, in order to have more More storage space. Most TV cabinet styles are full of barrels, storage compartments and lockers. In addition, previous TVs were very thick and bulky, so the depth of the TV cabinet must be at least 40-50cm to accommodate it. TV set. However, as the size of TV sets becomes slimmer and the screens become larger, and the living rooms in new properties generally become smaller and smaller, the styles of TV cabinets have changed. In addition, the designs of floors and mezzanines have become more and more popular. With the popularity of TV cabinets, the responsibility of storage has been transferred from TV cabinets to the floor and attic. TV cabinets have changed from focusing on storage to focusing on aesthetics.

Stone pattern TV background wall

Many customers are worried that the TV cabinet is too oppressive, so they ask us if they can customize the TV wall. The answer is of course yes! The most popular TV background wall choice must be stone pattern. In this case, a light gray stone pattern board is used as the TV wall, with a silver aluminum strip in the middle for decoration, which is simple and full of design. We have many stone pattern color plates, both dark and light colors. There will definitely be a style that can match the style of your home. Of course, there are also wood grain colors, solid colors and other options waiting for you to choose.

Electrical equipment is properly stored

In addition, we can pre-cut holes in the background wall to hide the TV’s wires, and the TV can be hung on the background wall or mounted on a table. Want to continue the simple style, but also have some audio-visual and Internet equipment such as blue-ray players, set-top boxes and routers to store? Make a small and light L-shaped TV base cabinet. Also choose a light color. It is not visually oppressive at all. It can also store audio-visual and Internet equipment properly. The living room will be neat and tidy, which will naturally make your stay more comfortable.

Natural false ceiling light trough

There is a thoughtful design above the TV wall. A small wooden box is customized, like a small light trough, and all the wires of the spotlights are put in. It is like a natural false ceiling. The light illuminates the texture of the TV background wall! In the same scene, the hollow cabinet next to the TV cabinet hides a revolving dining table, which can be pulled out when friends come to visit. On weekdays, it can be put away to open up the living and dining room space, making the space more spacious and comfortable.

If you want to customize the TV background wall/feature wall, please contact us.





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