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Many families in United States still use large TV cabinets because they can have a lot of storage, and everyone’s concept of TV cabinets comes from the TV combination cabinets seen in furniture stores when they were young. The simple style TV cabinet can better match the modern minimalist home style that U.S. people love in recent years. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the Japanese style TV cabinet.

Wood grain texture and lighting create Japanese home style

Japanese-style furniture focuses on the use of light. LED light strips are installed on the top of the TV panel and the suspended position of the TV cabinet as indirect lighting to increase the space atmosphere. When you see the light, you can’t see the light strips, and it shines on the wood-grained board, creating Japanese home style. The dark, medium and light color matching design of the TV cabinet also shows a sense of hierarchy under the light. The customers cleverly chose the color palette of natural wood grain, which is more in line with the Japanese feeling.

Invisible triangular cutting line of sight, simple but not dull

Whether it is the decoration method or the design of the TV cabinet, an invisible triangle is the secret to make the space look better. The tall cabinet can be used as a small partition between the living room and the dining room, and can also increase the storage of the TV cabinet, and the diagonal line formed by the TV panel and the tall cabinet is like a visual guiding line. When sitting on the sofa and watching TV, the eyes are naturally led to the TV. Finally, a whole row of suspended cabinets below is light and at the same time just forms an invisible triangle line of sight, making the living room look simple but not monotonous or dull, which is very suitable for young families.

Neat storage to create a Japanese style of life

Declutter, organize and store, the storage culture is very popular in Japan. The Japanese are paying more and more attention to household storage and have developed a specific storage model, which has also become popular around the world. There are many comp cabinets and a whole row of storage shelves in Japanese-style furniture, which can be matched with a series of storage boxes, so that small sundries can be put away well. The tall cabinet of the TV cabinet is also planned with a whole row of shelves. Open the door of the cabinet to store different types of daily necessities and sundries in each compartment, eliminating the need to spend time looking for things.

If you want tocustom-made a simple and practical Japanese-style TV cabinet, please contact us by Whatsapp, or come to our store to inquire with the designer.





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