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The entrance may be the most hectic place in the house – when you rush out to work, you hold your handbag, breakfast, and mobile phone, and you have to squat down to put on your shoes; when you come back from outside, you may carry one or two bags of daily necessities and ingredients. , holding the key in hand, taking off his shoes again and putting them away. Moreover, the entrance hall is the last place you pass before going out, and it is also the first place you see when you come home. Therefore, the entrance hall is very important to a home. It must not only be practical, but also beautiful.

1. Integrate the shoe changing stool into the entrance hall cleverly

Holding something in one hand and putting on and taking off shoes with the other is definitely a test of balance, so it is very important to have a shoe-changing bench in the entrance. Try hollowing out a corner of the entrance cabinet and cleverly integrating the shoe-changing stool into the entrance design. Putting on and taking off shoes every day will no longer be as awkward as a balance test. In addition, hollowing out a corner of the entrance cabinet also makes the line of sight more open when entering the house. At the same time, the rounded corner cabinet can guide the line of sight and movement, making the entry line smoother.

實用性與美觀兼備的玄關櫃, 將換鞋櫈融入玄關櫃
An entryway cabinet that is both practical and beautiful, integrating the shoe-changing stool into the entryway cabinet

2. Country style shutter door shoe cabinet, breathable and easy to care for

The shoe cabinet is an indispensable part of the entrance cabinet. The shoe cabinet is suspended 15-25 cm and can be used to store slippers that are usually worn at home, which is very convenient. If you like country style, you can choose solid wood-colored boards with louver door shoe cabinets, which will immediately enhance the texture. The weather in Hong Kong is relatively humid, and louvered doors are more breathable and more beautiful and tidy than open shoe racks, so they are suitable for use in entrance shoe cabinets. Many people misunderstand that louvered doors are difficult to clean. Although louvered doors are not as easy to clean as flat doors and the blades will accumulate dust, in fact, as long as a feather broom is used, the dust on the louvered doors can be easily cleaned and it is not difficult to clean. Reasonable.

實用性與美觀兼備的玄關櫃, 百葉門鞋櫃透氣易打理
The entrance cabinet is both practical and beautiful, and the louver door shoe cabinet is breathable and easy to care for.

3. Mix and match different panels to create a unique display style

Customized entryway cabinets allow you to use your creativity and aesthetics, mix and match different boards, and create a unique style for your home! In this case, the main part of the entrance cabinet is made of wood grain boards, while the hollow display cabinet in the middle is made of charcoal gray marble board. Two different colors and textures of boards, as long as they are properly matched, can transform the entrance cabinet into a stylish one. It is very distinctive and can also make the hollow display cabinet more dazzling. Of course, if you have difficulty choosing, Hao Furniture’s professional team can help you design a perfect set of entrance cabinets.

實用性與美觀兼備的玄關櫃, 混搭不同板材 創出與別不同的展示風格
Entrance cabinets that are both practical and beautiful. Mix and match different boards to create a unique display style.
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4. Appropriate lighting creates a warm atmosphere

The entrance space is the first place you will see when you enter the house. Usually there are no windows near the entrance, which easily makes it dark due to the lack of natural light. It cannot achieve a good atmosphere change as soon as you enter the door. Therefore, adding appropriate lighting can make people come home. Feeling warm can also leave a good impression on visiting guests. We generally recommend adding a warm light source to the entrance to enhance the sense of warmth.

5. Multifunctional storage is the key to tidiness

Some people think that the entrance cabinet is the same as a shoe cabinet. In fact, the more storage functions the entrance cabinet has, the tidier the entire home environment will be, because the things you need to take when going out are usually trivial and difficult to classify, and if the shoes are not stored properly, it will It is easy to appear cluttered, so it is best for the entrance cabinet to include different functions such as shoe cabinets, small drawers, shelves, wall cabinets, display cabinets and umbrella stands, so that trivial items can be neatly placed in suitable places and keep the home tidy.

Entrance cabinets include shoe cabinets, display cabinets, small drawers, umbrella racks, shelves and other multi-functional storage units. They are the key to keeping your home tidy.

6. Place small plants to add freshness

Seeing green plants has a relaxing effect, and will bring a sense of vitality and freshness to the home. Therefore, no matter what kind of decoration style your home is, it is suitable to put some small plants to decorate the home, and the entrance is a good one. There is room for small potted plants.

Place small plants on the entrance cabinet to add freshness to the home
If you also want to order the most suitable entrance cabinet for your home, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.
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