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儲物櫃訂造 儲物櫃訂造 儲物櫃訂造 廳櫃訂造 廳櫃訂造 黑色電制面板 層架1 電視櫃

We have seen many white brick TV cultural walls, but have you ever seen red bricks? The texture of the red brick cultural wall is clearer, and it is matched with art-style water pipe laminate brackets to perfectly create a retro flavor. Our company also has a very special blue and black one, which can perfectly blend with the retro style. The cabinets of the hall cabinet and TV cabinet are both forest black, matching the cool home style. If you carefully observe the hall cabinet next to the door, you can see that the cabinets have different depths. The cabinet on the right is deeper, providing the owner with additional clothing storage space. The upper layer is for hanging clothes, and the lower layer has multiple cabinets and buckets for storing different types of clothing. Classification. The advantage of custom-made furniture is that you can have the furniture in your home customized as you like, without having to be limited by traditional furniture. In addition, the left part of the hall cabinet we customized for our customers is a hollow cabinet with doors on the top and bottom. There are movable shelves inside that can adjust the height up and down. At the same time, we can also notice that the electric system with black steel surface is also one of the important elements of the ancient style.


If you also want to take the retro route in your house, you can come to our store in Shimen and check out the color palette. The two colors of our furniture will definitely help you. In addition, we also have some important retro elements to give you suggestions.





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