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Regarding custom-made furniture, you can often hear the advantages of “using up space for storage”, “nano-buildings can become practical and comfortable”, “multi-functional furniture helps you save every inch of space”, etc., but these advantages They often talk about the storage of daily necessities, and use custom-made cabinets to gain the most storage space. However, for items such as musical instruments that have special shapes and require specific storage methods, not all custom-made cabinets can meet the storage needs. However, the designers of Hao Furniture have designed storage spaces for musical instruments for many customers and have rich customization experience. It will be no problem to ask us to help you customize a “home” for your musical instruments!

Vertical hanging storage

The case I want to share with you this time is a storage cabinet tailor-made for violins. The violin can be laid flat or hung vertically. The customer has many violins in his collection. Besides loving his violin, he also likes to take out his violin for maintenance and playing. So we chose the vertical hanging storage method for him and installed it near the top of the cabinet. The wooden hanger allows several violins to be hung and arranged neatly. This kind of storage saves space and can also display the beautiful appearance of the violin itself.

Spotlights make the violin the highlight of the home

Since there is a spotlight on the ceiling, we took advantage of this and hollowed out an oval on the top of the cabinet so that the light from the spotlight can shine on the violin. The violin under the light will be even more lustrous, making the violin easily the highlight of the home. . This ingenious design not only has excellent visual effects, but also saves the cost of additional lights, helping everyone save money~

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Light-colored cabinets can better highlight the color of the violin

The casing of the violin is made of wood, and because it is usually in a natural or dark wood color, choosing a light-colored plate to customize the cabinet can highlight the color of the violin. For example, in this case, the main color of the cabinet is white, and the countertop of the base cabinet is matched with a white marble pattern. The noble and generous feeling can better bring out the elegance of the violin.

Paired with glass doors to prevent dust and control humidity

If you pay attention to violin maintenance and want to strictly control the humidity of the storage cabinet, you can install a glass cabinet door to keep the violin in a relatively sealed space. Use it with a desiccant or dehumidifier to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity, which is very important for maintaining the violin. Tone helps a lot. If you choose open storage, remember to turn on a dehumidifier and air conditioner to keep the violin dry on days when the humidity is too high.

L-shaped cabinet design facilitates violin maintenance

If you just want to store the violin, wouldn’t a thin tall cabinet be enough? Why do we need to design an L-shaped cabinet? In addition to the space itself requiring a half-length cabinet to separate the corridor, it also takes into account the daily maintenance work required by the violin – wiping the piano surface and tuning, both require a flat space to operate, so the half-length cabinet part of the L-shaped cabinet, It can just provide a work surface for guests to perform violin maintenance more conveniently.

If you are a musician or have a lot of musical instruments at home and need a customized cabinet to store them neatly, please feel free to contact us.

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