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Living in a small house, do you want some different decorations? A wall panel may be your best choice.

Types of plaques

【Wood Decoration Panel】

Wooden veneer panels with a wide variety of designs and colors are suitable for both living rooms and bedrooms. Their surface colors and irregular wood textures are beautiful and natural. As long as through careful design and different collage techniques, unique visual changes can be created. It is a wall decoration material that is both decorative and practical. After the wood veneer has been specially processed, you don’t have to worry about pests.


Wood decorative wall/wall panel/feature wall


If you have enough budget, you can use marble as wall decoration in corridors and entrances where the walls are afraid of dirt and wear. The natural color and texture can not only create a grand atmosphere, but also improve the level and taste of the space. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Some people will also choose to use marble to decorate the walls in a large area of ​​​​the living room to show their style.

大理石牆面飾板, 可展現客廳的氣派

Marble wall panels can show the style of the living room

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【Cultural Stone】

If you want to show a charming and characteristic home, you can choose cultural stones to build walls. For example, off-white cultural stones can create a warm atmosphere of Nordic style, while earth-color cultural stones can create a natural and eye-catching rural style. The imitation red brick cultural stone can present a rough industrial style.

選用文化石打造牆面, 可以展現具有魅力的特色家居

Choosing cultural stone to build walls can show an attractive and characteristic home.

[Painted glass]

Kitchens and restaurants are most afraid of being contaminated by oil smoke and dirt. Stains and spots on the walls will not only ruin the overall appearance, but also cause hygiene concerns. Decorate the wall with painted glass. The smooth surface is not easy to stain and easy to clean.

【Featured Wallpaper】

If you don’t want to wait for the long construction time of marble or cultural stone, it is recommended to choose characteristic wallpaper with rich colors and patterns. It is convenient to construct and replace, and there are many choices of colors and patterns. Choosing colorful and interesting wallpaper in children’s rooms can also add interest to the room!


Featured wallpaper with rich colors and patterns, easy to construct and replace

Why do you need a wall veneer?

【As a TV wall】

If you don’t want a big TV cabinet in your home, but the whole wall is a bit monotonous, you can use wall decorative panels to build a TV wall to embellish it and enhance the temperament of the living room.

【As a headboard】

Using wooden veneer as a headboard not only serves a decorative purpose, but also protects the wall, bringing a warm texture to the bedroom and making it feel more comfortable.


Using wooden veneer as a headboard not only has a decorative effect, but also protects the wall and brings a warm texture to the bedroom, making people feel more comfortable.

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[Decorative wall as entrance hall]

Installing wall decorative panels in the entrance can distinguish the entrance and living room spaces, and can also prevent the walls from being stained and scratched.

木裝飾牆/牆面飾板/特色牆, 可防止玄關牆壁被弄污或刮花

Wooden decorative walls/wall panels/feature walls can prevent entrance walls from being stained or scratched

【Hide the door】

Decorating an entire wall in your home with wooden veneer can hide the wooden door, and the design of invisible doors can enhance the overall sense of the entire space. Some doors in awkward positions can be avoided by using invisible doors. Feng shui issues.


Wooden veneer can hide the door

If you also want to customize similar wall decorative panels, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time

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