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Remove some cabinet doors to reduce the feeling of oppression

Although tall cabinets can provide a large amount of storage space, they will more or less bring a sense of oppression to the space. Customized entrance cabinets can flexibly remove some cabinet doors, which not only makes the entrance cabinet unique, but also prevents people from feeling that the entire tall cabinet is oppressive.

客廳C字櫃, 組合層, 儲物櫃, 減去部分櫃門可降低壓迫感

Living room entrance cabinets, system cabinets, storage cabinets, minus some cabinet doors can reduce the sense of oppression

Multi-purpose entrance cabinet takes care of a family’s storage needs

A customized entryway cabinet can basically meet the storage needs of a family, including shoe cabinets, entryway cabinets, display shelves, lockers, and drawers. The position and size of the hollow part can also be modified according to the location of the intercom in the customer’s home. The location of the sockets can be modified to accommodate customers who may need to place some small electrical appliances on the display shelves.


Use light wood color instead of white to make the space warmer

It is generally believed that white furniture will enlarge the visual space. In fact, in addition to white, light wood color is also a very good choice. Replacing white with a wide range of light wood colors as the main color of the entrance cabinet can make the space appear warmer and softer, and the overall atmosphere can be more relaxed and unburdened. Light wood furniture paired with light green walls and gray wood grain floors will give people a natural sense of relaxation.

客廳C字櫃, 組合層, 儲物櫃, 以淺木色取代白色令空間更溫暖

The entrance cabinets, system cabinets and storage cabinets in the living room are replaced with white color to make the space warmer.

Various accessories create an exclusive atmosphere

The doors of customized entrance cabinets are not only made of flat plates, but also have rustic and classical style doors. They can also be matched with a variety of hardware accessories, whether you like carved handles, or flat, built-in, or hidden ones. There are handles, so it’s no problem to create a modern or classic look.


Various plates and handle accessories to create an exclusive atmosphere

Combine different boards to add texture

When customizing the entrance cabinet, you can combine the design of boards with different materials or textures to greatly enhance the temperament of the entrance cabinet. For example, the small-area open shelves in the case are made of dark wood-colored boards, which contrast with the large-area light wood colors. This color jump makes the entrance cabinet neat and concise, and can also make the display function of the open shelves more attractive. Bright.

客廳C字櫃, 組合層, 儲物櫃, 結合使用不同材質或不同紋理的板材設計,讓C字櫃的氣質提升一大截

Living room entrance cabinets, system cabinets, and storage cabinets are designed using boards of different materials or textures to greatly enhance the temperament of the entrance cabinets.

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