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Is the shoe cabinet dark enough to withstand stains? Or is it better to choose light colors? It feels brighter and better looking. I will share with you some tips on choosing the color of shoe cabinets in the case of two shoe cabinets used by Hao Furniture. Basically, the shoe cabinet will be placed near the door and will be seen as soon as you enter the door. Therefore, the color and material of the wall and floor can be matched, and the color of the shoe cabinet can also be determined by matching the color and texture of the door.

light color shoe cabinet

If your home adopts a simple and bright style, light wood and white are naturally the best choices for shoe cabinets, and they are also the colors chosen by the most customers. White is bright enough, and paired with wood color, it adds a warm and natural feeling.

Dark shoe cabinet

If your home has an industrial or modern style, dark wood, black and cement gray are very suitable to create a stable and textured home style.

Avoid too many colors in shoe cabinets

Because the shoe cabinet may contain personal belongings, keys, etc., as well as a chair for changing shoes and hanging clothes, the colors are messy, so it is best to keep the shoe cabinet in 1-3 colors, and do not add too many colors to overwhelm the entrance area. Becoming dazzled. If you want a more special design, you can use decorative blister door panels, wooden strips or glass cabinet doors to embellish it.

Side storage is more convenient

Shoe cabinets are usually placed next to the door. If you have to go around to the shoe cabinet every time to put things or get shoes, it may be inconvenient when you rush out of the door. So you might as well make good use of the side of the shoe cabinet and hollow it out to become a simple The storage area is convenient for putting on shoes when you have to go out.

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