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Black, white, and gray simple design is an interior design style that is very popular among young homeowners in recent years. When it comes to the choice of furniture and decoration, natural materials such as wood grain and stone grain have become more mainstream. Everyone hopes to decorate their home in a lively way. and a space with a strong sense of nature to balance the pressure of urban life.

Gray stone pattern, elegance and calmness

Gray itself is an achromatic color system. When used in space, it can make the surrounding decoration more prominent and make itself more present. The gray stone pattern board is full of classic elegance and calm artistic sense, and is used in the living room. Cabinets and entrance cabinets can enhance the temperament of the space and add points to the first impression of the home.

Gray stone pattern living room cabinet/C-shaped cabinet/porch cabinet

Warm lighting softens stone texture

Stone grain boards tend to give people a cold feeling. In addition, the C-shaped cabinet in the case uses a large area of ​​cold white cabinet door design, and the walls, doors and floors are also white and ultra-light colors. If you use cool-colored light strips Or spotlights will make the space too cold, so you can consider configuring warm lights to soften the texture of the stone pattern board.

Gray stone pattern living room cabinet/C-shaped cabinet/porch cabinet
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Closed cabinet with L-shaped decorative cabinet

The large-area closed cabinet design uses the same style of white cabinet doors to make the space look neater and more beautiful. An L-shaped glass cabinet is added in the middle, and the glass cabinet door is paired with a black frame, bringing out a modern lightness. It has a luxurious feel, adds a hollow feeling and has an embellishment function. With the light strip, the decorative cabinet becomes the focus.

Open shoe rack for convenient storage of slippers

Deeper C-shaped cabinets may not be suitable for suspended designs, because shoes are easily kicked into the bottom of the cabinet, making it inconvenient to wear. Therefore, open shelves can be built on the side of deeper cabinets to facilitate entry. Slippers and commonly used shoes can be accessed and stored.

Gray stone pattern living room cabinet/C-shaped cabinet/porch cabinet

Hide light switches and sockets

Generally, light switches and sockets are installed on the wall, but this may damage the integrity of the hollow space in the cabinet. Therefore, you can also choose to move the light switches and sockets to the countertop of the C-shaped cabinet, so that they are not visible from eye level. The appearance of the cabinet is affected by the light switches and sockets, and changing the socket from vertical to horizontal will make it easier to use.

If you want to order a C-shaped cabinet full of temperament, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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