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Because of the epidemic, I haven’t been able to go to Japan for a long time. Do you miss the local sashimi, the super drugstores, the bathhouses in Japanese hotels, and kaiseki cuisine? It doesn’t matter if you can’t travel to Japan for the time being. Why not build a Japanese-style room in the city, and then invite a few friends to sit on the tatami, chat and drink, and enjoy a leisurely evening.

Create a Japanese-style living room and feel like traveling anytime, anywhere

In this case, we built a storage tatami for the guest’s entire living room, which provides storage space for a large number of items, so that the guest does not need to add large storage cabinets, and can free up a larger activity space, lay tatami mats or place a large sofa combination. At the same time, make good use of the light outside the window and combine it with the open space to make it refreshing and comfortable. Add appropriate fabric and wood elements to the furniture selection, and the living room will immediately become a Japanese-style living room, as if you are in Japan. The tatami clearly divides the dining room and living room, making the flow of the home clearer. There is a tall shoe cabinet next to the tatami in the living room, which can be used to store indoor slippers. No matter how many friends come over, there is no need to worry about the shoes getting piled up in a mess. !

Are you worried about the weight of the tatami in your living room? The wood used by Hollite is all high-quality E1 solid wood plywood, not solid wood particle board commonly known as sugar cane board or dense board that will swell and deform when exposed to moisture. E1 solid wood plywood is strong and durable, can withstand the long-term weight of large furniture, and has passed international standard low-formaldehyde certification. All tatami door panels are equipped with invisible handles and hydraulic levers to prevent fingers from being pinched when the door panels are closed. It is safe and reliable. You will definitely You can safely use tatami to create a Japanese-style living room.

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Japanese style home
Japanese style tatami tatami in living room

Multi-layer 360-degree rotating shoe rack, an indispensable equipment for hospitable hosts

The tall shoe cabinet in the case is not a general partition of shelves. The shoe cabinet is equipped with eight layers of 360-degree rotating shoe racks, which can double the storage space. The main frame is made of excellent alloy steel, which is not easy to fade and scratch. The board is made of ABS and PVC special partitions, which are corrosion-resistant and can be washed directly with water for easy cleaning and disinfection. Hollite can customize designs with different layer specifications according to customer needs. You can choose from 5 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, 10 layers, 12 layers, and 15 layers. High heels, sneakers, and flat shoes can all be easily placed in the shoe cabinet. , there is no need to worry about insufficient space in the shoe cabinet. The track design has strong load-bearing capacity and smooth pull-out. The exquisite handle design allows you to pull out the shoe rack easily and rotate it easily. You no longer have to worry about the difficulty in taking out the shoes deep in the shoe cabinet.

Electric lifting table makes good use of space to create a multi-purpose living room

If you want to create a more perfect Japanese-style living room, in addition to the tatami design, Hollite also has many different customized furniture to choose from, such as electric lift tables and electric mahjong tables. They can provide a place for socializing when friends visit, and can be used when not in use. Lower the height-adjustable table into the tatami to save space and keep it tidy. The electric lift table has an anti-pinch system like the tatami. If it hits a foreign object when it is lowered, the tabletop will naturally bounce upward, which is very safe.

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If you also want to customize a living room similar to Japanese style, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time

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