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In a dual-income family, both the male and female owners have to work outside the home. The working hours of 9 to 5, plus the round trip driving, mean that they are outside for half the day. There is little time to take care of the housework and take care of the chronically ill elderly and children at home, so many people will apply. Nannies help with housework and taking care of the family. Housing prices in urban areas in Taiwan are very exaggerated. Many families face the same problem. For example, if 4-5 people have to live in a room of 20 to 30 square meters, where can there be space to separate a nanny’s room for the nanny? Woolen cloth? Using partition cabinets to create a nanny’s room in the living room has become one of the solutions. If you are also planning to customize a nanny cubicle cabinet, be sure to pay attention to the following 6 design points!

1. The partition cabinet turns into an invisible nanny room

The living room is the main space for receiving guests. Naturally, everyone hopes that the cabinets in the living room will be beautifully made and can be integrated into the style of the living room, so that people will notice that they are partitions. The nanny cubicle cabinet we designed for our customers is shaped like an entrance cabinet, which makes people think it is just an entrance cabinet at the entrance. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t realize that it is actually a nanny room! We have made nanny cubicle cabinets ranging from 2 feet to 3 feet for customers, and they can be customized according to the size and layout of the living room and the body shape of the nanny.

2. Irregular hollow shape

There is an irregular hollow shape on the outside of the cubicle cabinet, which makes the square cubicle cabinet lively. It is also made to match the size of the guests’ small appliances. The hollow position for placing the coffee machine is higher, and there is room for cups and decorations. The place is lower, so every inch of space can be better utilized.

Choose one dark and one light color for the cabinet door and cabinet body. This color matching design can also create a visual extension and reduce the sense of oppression of the tall cabinet.

3. Changhong glass movable breathable window

The partitions need to be “invisible” enough. We will recommend to our customers a ceiling-mounted design, that is, the partition cabinets should be attached to the upper ceiling. However, if there are no windows in the partitions, ventilation windows must be added to the partition cabinets. This case uses Changhong glass movable breathable windows. Changhong glass has a looming visual effect and does not transmit much light, preserving privacy for the nanny. Changhong glass is also more unique than ordinary glass in appearance.

The movable ventilation window designed in the partition can be opened by the nanny for ventilation when sleeping, and can be closed when getting up for work. From the outside, it looks like the sliding door storage compartment of the entrance cabinet, which is nice and unobtrusive.

4. The stair cabinet is more beautiful when going up and down.

Many customers have told us that stair cabinets look much better than ladders, because when they see a straight ladder hanging on a cubicle cabinet, everyone will know that there is a compartment inside, but the stair cabinet is like a part of the cubicle cabinet, so It can achieve a more “invisible” partition effect, so we have done many nanny room/partition cabinet designs that use stair cabinets to climb up. Usually the bed part of the nanny cubicle cabinet is at a height of 1 meter to 1 meter 2 above the ground, so it is very convenient to use the stair cabinet to get up and down. However, some nannies are not good at climbing up and down, so we will do more for them. It will be safer to design one or two handrails so that they can hold on when climbing up.

5. Extra-deep lockers for front and rear storage

The partition cabinet should be used as a nanny’s room where you can sleep. The depth of the cabinet will naturally be deeper than that of a general entrance cabinet or storage cabinet. However, the deeper the storage space, the better. You must make good storage planning to make better use of the space. There is a deep storage space under the partition cabinet, so we divided it into front and rear storage areas – there are shelves inside that can be used to store things in storage boxes, and there is a clothes rail in the front, and there are no hanging clothes or nanny’s suitcases. Problem, using up the entire cabinet depth for storage.

The small drawer on the right can store medicines, masks, umbrellas and other small daily necessities. Even the stairs are pull-out drawers, and there is room for charging cables and stationery.

6. A small world in a cubicle

There is a lot of storage space in the cubicle cabinet, and the nanny should have her own little world in the cubicle. For example, you can nail a small shelf for the nanny to put mobile phones, alarm clocks or toilet paper in the room, and add a small lamp. , so that they can enjoy comfortable private time when resting~ In the past, some customers would install small fans and exhaust fans in the cubicles for nannies to provide a more comfortable environment for worker sisters.

The sleeping space in the cubicle cabinet is usually not of standard size. In addition to customized furniture, we also provide customized mattress services. We can customize mattresses of any size for the customer’s nanny cubicle cabinet.

If you also want to customize a similar nanny room/partition cabinet, please feel free to contact us.





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