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A trick for storage in the living room of a small unit — a large C-shaped cabinet and TV cabinet covering the entire wall! Although there are many choices of ready-made C-shaped cabinets and TV cabinets on the market, the storage plan of the cabinet may not 100% meet your needs. Custom-made furniture can not only help you gain the most space in your living room, but also It will provide a lot of convenience for your life. Still don’t know how important it is to have a custom-made large C-shaped cabinet and TV cabinet? Read on and you will see how much it can help your living room!

Customize the appropriate storage space according to the item list

Before customizing a living room storage cabinet, don’t forget to take inventory of the items in your home and roughly measure the length, width and height of all items to accurately make a cabinet that meets your needs, which will help improve storage efficiency. For example, when customizing a shoe cabinet, reserve a depth of 30 centimeters. The height of the shelves can be adjusted according to the shoes that family members usually wear. It is best to customize the space of the TV cabinet according to the size of the TV to achieve the optimal size. Best visual and storage effects.

Combine drawers, sliding door cabinets, shelves, and glass cabinets to create multiple storage functions

The design of C-shaped cabinets and TV cabinets does not necessarily have to be an independent and single cabinet form. For example, it can be combined with drawers, sliding door cabinets, shoe cabinets, shelves, glass jewelry cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. to create multiple storage functions and maximize storage space. The maximum effect can also make the space appear more three-dimensional.

C字櫃連電視櫃, 玄關櫃, 鞋櫃, 展示櫃
C-shaped cabinet with TV cabinet, entrance cabinet, shoe cabinet, display cabinet
C字櫃連電視櫃, 玄關櫃, 鞋櫃, 展示櫃
C-shaped cabinet with TV cabinet, entrance cabinet, shoe cabinet, display cabinet
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Materials and colors unify space

To make the space look spacious and comfortable, it is necessary to unify the color or material of the larger furniture, use simple colors and designs to create a simple and neat feeling, and create a clean and light atmosphere. The C-shaped cabinet and TV cabinet in the case match the wall color of the living room, the light wood floor and the original wood door frame. They are designed with boards of similar colors. Even if the cabinet itself is huge, it will not make the living room look too cramped and cramped. oppression.

C字櫃連電視櫃, 玄關櫃, 鞋櫃, 展示櫃
C-shaped cabinet with TV cabinet, entrance cabinet, shoe cabinet, display cabinet

The cabinet is combined with the circulation line to make storage very easy.

Keeping it tidy will make the space more spacious, so a good living room storage cabinet should be well integrated with the circulation line, so that it can be collected wherever you go, making storage easy and the home will no longer look messy. For example, the entrance cabinet is equipped with a shoe cabinet and a shoe changing stool. As soon as you enter the door, you can easily put your shoes, keys, and change. If you are holding the daily necessities you just bought, you can walk to the storage room next to it. The lockers are well stored. After guests change their shoes, they can walk to the sofa opposite the TV cabinet to rest and watch TV.

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Closing and edge sealing can prevent dust and make the cabinet more stable.

One of the benefits of custom-made furniture is that after the furniture is installed, the master will seal the gaps between the cabinet and the wall to prevent dust accumulation and insects from hiding in the gaps.

Most of the ready-made furniture bought in furniture stores cannot be closed in most cases, because the walls and ceilings in ordinary homes are not completely flat, and the base of the wall is usually equipped with skirting, so the ready-made storage cabinets cannot be completely closed. Stick to the wall, so these pieces of furniture cannot be closed.

As for customized furniture, since it is customized to measure, it can be installed to avoid foot lines and match uneven ceilings or floors. Use closing strips to seal the gaps and then apply caulking glue to create a gap between the cabinet and the wall. There are no gaps at all. In addition to being dust-proof, the closing opening can also make large cabinets more stable and safe by fully fitting the wall.

C字櫃連電視櫃, 玄關櫃, 鞋櫃, 展示櫃
C-shaped cabinet with TV cabinet, entrance cabinet, shoe cabinet, display cabinet

If you also want to customize glass decorative cabinets, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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