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Popular elements change every year. Whether it is fashion, jewelry, or even decoration and furniture, there are different trends every year. Times are constantly changing, and only those that remain can become true “classics”, and marble pattern is definitely a classic in the interior design world and has not been eliminated for many years.

Classic marble pattern enhances texture

White itself is already a classic color, and paired with the same classic marble pattern, it is even more classic among classics, instantly enhancing the texture of your living room. Not only the outer frame, but also the back panel inside the display cabinet are made of marble-patterned boards, making displaying collections no longer monotonous.


Marble display cabinet in living room

Install LED lights and light strips to make collections more dazzling

Glass display cabinets are mainly used to display beautiful or commemorative collectibles. In order to have a better display effect, lighting and light strips can be installed in the display cabinet so that the things in the cabinet can be seen clearly and the collection can be The product becomes more dazzling. You can choose light sources with different color temperatures according to the color tone of your home or the display effect you want.

客廳的大理石紋飾物櫃, 經典大理石紋提升質感

Marble display cabinet in living room

Glass surfaces are used on both sides of the cabinet for multi-angle display

Some glass display cabinets only have a front glass door where collectibles can be seen. In fact, the sides of the cabinet can also be customized with glass surfaces, allowing you to display collectibles from multiple angles.

客廳的大理石紋飾物櫃, 櫃身兩側採用玻璃面, 多角度展示收藏品

The marble display cabinet in the living room has glass surfaces on both sides of the cabinet to display collections from multiple angles.

Drawers and sliding door cabinets can be built under the display cabinet to increase storage space.

The best view of the display cabinet is about 45 degrees above and below the horizontal line of sight when a person is standing. People rarely squat down to appreciate collections, so the display space of the display cabinet does not need to be on the ground. Drawers and drawers under the display cabinet can be reserved. Sliding door cabinets increase storage space. At the same time, it can also prevent children from accidentally touching the glass cabinet door and causing accidents.

客廳的大理石紋飾物櫃, 飾物櫃下方可造抽屜及趟門櫃, 增加儲物空間

Marble display cabinet in the living room, drawers and sliding door cabinets can be built under the display cabinet to increase storage space

If you also want to customize a glass display cabinet, you are welcome to contact us at any time.





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