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Families with pianos often worry about where to put the piano. The RTA furniture does not reserve a place for the piano. If the space near the piano is completely vacated, there may not be enough space for storage. Is it better to put the piano or want to have more storage it? How to choose? In fact, the two can coexist! bookcase and showcase around the piano for customers, which can not only place the piano properly but also have enough storage space.

When the piano is placed in the living room, the cupboard on top of the piano can be used as a showcase to display family collections, photo frames, etc.; There is no need to place the spectrum around.

The side cabinet next to the piano  is decorated with strips. The narrow design is convenient for storing CDs and other small things. The  shelf design makes it easy to see your own collection. Kids and parents can organize and tidy up together, and naturally they will not forget the occasional Take out the CD and listen to it, so as to truly “store” rather than “hide”.


The side cabinet next to the piano is decorated with strips. The narrow design is convenient for storing small things such as CDs. The  shelf design makes it easy to see your collection.

Custom-made bookcase or showcase around the piano and the TV cabinet can also be integrated! The layout of the living room and dining room of some apartments is rectangular, and the 10-20-foot wall is directly used as a row of storage cabinets. It is very decent, large and easy to use. The bookcase or showcase around the piano and TV cabinet are connected together, and the design is simple and not cumbersome!

The khaki-colored wood grain-colored cabinet brings out a sense of tranquility, complements the temperament of the piano, and enhances the elegance of the home. The cabinet is equipped with warm LED light strips to become the mood light of the living room. Whether you are moving into a new home or renovating an old house, ordering a set of TV and piano combination cabinets is already a work of art in itself, and can also satisfy your storage , Display needs.

The edge of the cabinet is designed with rounded edges,
 eliminating sharp edges and corners, making the visual effect softer and more comfortable, while 
reducing the chance of injury, both internally and externally.

The piano has a piano cabinet, and the electronic keyboard has its own electronic keyboard cabinet! The electronic keyboard is placed on the sliding board, and it does not take up any space when it is put away. The back panel of the cabinet body can open a wire hole for the electronic piano to plug in the wires, and the wires will no longer be messy.

When practicing, as long as the electronic keyboard is pulled out, even if there are lockers underneath, you will not have to push your feet when sitting in front of the piano.

If you want to customize a suitable modular cabinet for you and your family's piano, you are
 welcome to contact our designers, Whatsapp or come to the Holetto store for more customization details.





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