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鞋櫃 電櫃頂吊櫃 雪櫃放在廳櫃中 雪櫃放在客廳儲物櫃中 廳飾物櫃 廳櫃

Sometimes there is no space in the kitchen and the refrigerator has to be placed in the living room. So how can it be placed in the most space-saving way? The method is to make storage cabinets above and on the left and right sides of the refrigerator. In this way, the nearby space can be fully utilized. If it is placed near the door, you can make a shoe cabinet like this case, with a piece of white glass on the top to store some uncommon cooking appliances. It’s a good thing to cover cabinets to increase storage capacity, but remember to try not to block any windows so as not to block sunlight from entering the house.


If you also want to make system cabinets in the living room, we welcome you to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.





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