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In addition to the storage function, do you know what other functions the custom-made floor for the living room has? Let’s take a look at the living room floor customized by Good Furniture for customers, how many functions are hidden!

1. Replace large lockers to store daily necessities

The most important and obvious function of the storage platform is “storage storage”. The intervals within the platform can be designed differently according to the storage needs of the guests. For example, some guests want to store suitcases, vacuum cleaners, and large glue boxes. Large items such as boxes and beds can be stored on the floor. With a floor in the living room, there is no need to put a tall cabinet, and the space will feel much larger.

2. Hidden lift table for a family meal

Think the floor is just an ordinary storage space? No No! On the platform full of Japanese style, of course, the whole family needs to eat together. The hidden lifting table is stored in the middle of the platform, and it can be raised before eating. The electric remote control can be used at the touch of a button, and children can help Let’s go! You can sit comfortably with a cushion, and you won’t be afraid of “blocking” when the cushion is usually placed in the floor.

3. Extra large flat space for a short nap at any time

After the lifting platform is retracted, the platform forms a super large flat space. You can chill under the platform and have a cup of tea during holidays, and you can also take a nap to catch up on your sleep at any time. Adults and children can enjoy a lazy afternoon together. The house is not big, but it is still the most comfortable and warm home.

4. Connect indoor and terrace spaces without dust

One wall of the living room is connected to the terrace. There is a floor-to-ceiling sliding door leading to the terrace. When it is opened and closed, a lot of outdoor dust will inevitably drift into the living room. A platform is designed where the living room and the terrace are connected. The floor height of the living room is raised to create a height difference between the living room and the terrace. The dust on the terrace floor is less likely to float into the living room.

5. The side cabinet is suitable for discharger and audio-visual products

A whole row of side cabinets are made at the position next to the wall of the platform. The sliding door cabinets can store daily necessities. The open storage compartments are suitable for game consoles, Wifi, Router, and audio combinations. It is better and easy to adjust the position. The top of the side cabinet can be used to enlarge the TV, and the projector can be directly projected onto the wall on the top of the cabinet to watch movies or play video games. The living room can immediately be transformed into a private cinema.

If you want to customize a multi-functional storage platform, please contact us to request a free quotation or come to the store to discuss with the designer.





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