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If there are elderly people in the family, it is traditional to place a shrine cabinet in the living room. However, the younger generation may not like the design of the shrine cabinet. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of both generations for home design. You can integrate everyone’s requirements by custom-made furniture.

Take this case as an example. The guest needs to place a set of altar cabinets in the living room, and there are many young and old in the family. He needs to ask a worker sister to help take care of the family, so he needs a worker’s room, and the family has a large population. Naturally, you need more storage space to avoid making the place cluttered. We can meet all the above requirements with a set of large-scale furniture.

Modern and traditional Shintai cabinet

Use the same or matching board finish as the C-shaped cabinet and living room furniture to keep the style of the living room consistent and concise. At the same time, the God’s table cabinet is integrated into the C-shaped cabinet, and an extra storage cabinet is added above the God’s table cabinet to make it the top. , has more storage space and can be completely used up in all locations. When we order furniture, we will also add traditional red finishes to the interior of the customer’s shrine cabinet. Just like the traditional shrine cabinet, it will definitely satisfy the elderly.

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The worker’s room offers privacy and huge lockers

In order to transform a worker’s room, it is a common practice for many families to start with the living room. We designed a group of large storage cabinets next to the C-shaped cabinet and divided it into two floors – the upper floor is the workers’ room, and the lower floor is the super giant storage cabinet.

The worker’s room is designed with a sliding door. The worker’s sister can close the sliding door at night and it becomes a private space with high privacy. There is a transom near the ceiling, which can maintain the air circulation in the worker’s room. The location is not conspicuous and will not affect the living room. visual perception.

The giant lockers on the lower floor can make room for the worker’s sister’s suitcase, and can also store many household necessities, such as vacuum cleaners, grocery carts, etc.

Multifunctional cabinets make space more spacious

The customer comes to us to order the altar cabinet, C-shaped cabinet, worker’s room and storage cabinet in one go, turning it into a large multi-functional cabinet that is integrated into one. It saves space compared to ready-made furniture and custom-made cabinets that are separated several times. And practical, because the details of several pieces of furniture can be designed to match each other, the style is more consistent, and the living room space will naturally appear spacious and comfortable.

If you want to customize modular cabinets/worker room/living room storage cabinets, please feel free to contact us.

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