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Customers often want to see some of our kitchen cabinet cases. This time I will introduce to you 3 design ideas of this L-shaped kitchen cabinet, which may also apply to your kitchen!

Long handle

The doors of kitchen cabinets are made with oblique or concealed openings and are simple in shape. However, the advantages of adding handles are that they can create a light luxury, modern or country style. Some customers have a special liking for cabinet door handles. Just like this kitchen cabinet case, the gray kitchen cabinets are paired with light golden long strip handles. The subtle and publicity combine to create a low-key yet elegant color realm. , allowing you to enjoy the fun of cooking even more.

In addition to being beautiful, the light golden strip handle is also convenient for drying rags, towels, etc. You can also hang a new stack of garbage bags on the handle, and you can easily pull out a new garbage bag when taking out the garbage every day. , more convenient and convenient than storing it in a cabinet.

glass door spice rack

The customer who loves to cook has a lot of seasonings at home, so we added a whole row of glass sliding door cabinets under the wall cabinet for him. He can see what seasonings he has at a glance, so he doesn’t have to spend time looking here and there for seasonings when cooking. If you use more ingredients, the cooked dishes will be more delicious.

The spice rack is located at eye level, and a glass sliding door is used instead of a closed door or a pop-up door to avoid head collisions caused by forgetting to close the cabinet door when cooking. Moreover, a sliding door is better than an open design, reducing the need for condiment bottles. Accumulated dust and fumes.

If you don’t have too many seasonings, you can also store commonly used plates and cups here.

Different heights of kitchen countertops on both sides

Kitchen cabinets are often practical first. We wash vegetables in a zinc basin and use a cooking stove to cook. We want to place a steam oven or a small air fryer in the corner. Different situations have different ideal height requirements for the countertop, so we Of course, custom-made kitchen cabinets can be customized to match the customer’s usage habits and the selected stove model. The kitchen countertops on both sides can be customized to different heights to achieve the most practical kitchen cabinet design in your mind.

If you need customized kitchen cabinets, please contact us and we can provide you with a free quotation and preliminary design.





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