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Families with children or elderly people, and young couples who often work at home are more likely to cook at home. If the kitchen cabinets are well designed, cooking will get twice the result with half the effort! If you are looking for a stylish and practical kitchen cabinet design, you can refer to our kitchen cabinet case this time.

Temperament shaped kitchen cabinet design

Families who like a designer kitchen and prefer to cook Western food can choose unique blister door panels when designing kitchen cabinets, with European, pastoral and other floral line designs, coupled with metal handles, to add a touch of temperament to the kitchen. Since the fumes from cooking in Western food are relatively fine, even kitchen cabinet door panels with concave and convex effects are not too difficult to clean. Moreover, our door panels are waterproof, scratch-proof and corrosion-resistant, and will not change color after repeated cleanings, so they can be used for many years.

Hiding the range hood pipe in the kitchen cabinet makes it neater

Range hoods usually need to be connected to pipes to discharge the oil fumes, but the appearance of the pipes is ugly. If exposed, it will make the kitchen look ugly. Therefore, when ordering kitchen cabinets, all the pipes will be hidden inside the kitchen cabinets, which makes the kitchen look ugly. The space is tidier. With the model of the range hood, we can draw the opening positions during the design stage and call them factory openings. Compared with opening the holes on site during installation, the hole positions will be neater and more beautiful. Of course, the disadvantage of this approach is that some kitchen cabinet space needs to be sacrificed. Therefore, when decorating, it is best to arrange the cooking stove and range hood closest to the window or transom to shorten the length of the pipes as much as possible.

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Open floor cabinets for washing machines and dishwashers

Generally, when we order kitchen floor cabinets for customers, they always have cabinet doors and bottom plates (or waterproof platforms), which are suitable for storage. However, if you need to place floor-mounted appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, washing machines, etc. For dishwashers and large ovens, open base cabinets can be specially made with no cabinet doors or bottom plates, and household appliances can be pushed directly into the kitchen cabinets.

Eye-level open cabinets store seasonings

Using seasonings during cooking is usually a one-handed operation. It would be troublesome if you have to open the kitchen cabinet door every time to get them. Therefore, it is very good to add an open cabinet at eye level to store seasonings. , easy to find the seasonings you need, and convenient to take.

Multifunctional wall-mounted folding table for kitchen

L-shaped kitchen cabinets should be used to store cooking stoves, zinc pans, small appliances such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, air fryers, etc. In fact, there is not much countertop space available, which is a bit inconvenient for families who often cook. A wall-mounted folding table is customized on the wall. When cooking, a temporary table surface can be flipped up to place ingredients or cooked dishes to increase flexibility when cooking. If you want to simply eat doll noodles by yourself at home, you can also directly open the folding table to eat, which is convenient and fast, or you can let the worker sister use it for dining. A folding table has multiple functions and makes the kitchen more usable.

If you would like to customize kitchen cabinets/folding tables, please contact us.

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