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Electric lifting shutter smart cabinet necessary for smart home

A new smart home experience, shutter doors that can intelligently open and close
With touch control, just touch the bottom of the cabinet and the blinds will slowly rise to the top of the cabinet.
As long as you touch it again, it will slowly descend and close the cabinet door.
With the lighting system, the color and status of the light can be changed when turned on

The smart cabinet uses glass shelves, each layer can hold 10KG of items, and is strong and durable.
The blinds and laminates are all tempered glass
Hidden wiring design not only has a simple appearance, but also prevents wire aging
Can be used in the kitchen even if your hands are often wet



There are two color options:
White glass shutter door + white cabinet
Black glass shutter door + white cabinet


The size can be divided into 3 specifications:
Width 600*Height 780*Depth 355
Width 800*Height 780*Depth 355
Width 900*Height 780*Depth 355



If you want to design this set of hardware onto the furniture customized by our company, please contact us.





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