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Smart kitchen cabinet, island, condiment rack, dressing table, storage cabinet, electric lifting system hardware

This electric lifting system is definitely a good helper for storage under wall cabinets and tables.
Can be used in wall-mounted kitchen cabinets and island tables as spice rack storage cabinets
Or it can be used in dressing cabinets to store cosmetics, etc.


Applied to a cabinet against a wall:
For example, lifting TV cabinet, lifting wall cabinet, lifting spice rack cabinet, lifting dressing cabinet, etc.
Use a lifting screw rod on the left and right sides, and the lifting weight cannot exceed 30KG.

Applied to cabinets that are not against the walls:
For example, lifting wine cabinets, lifting island tables, etc.
Use two lifting screws on the left and right, and the lifting weight cannot exceed 50KG.


If you want to design this set of hardware onto the furniture customized by our company, please contact us.





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