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The advantage of custom-made furniture is that you can set different intervals at will. This time in my wardrobe, the customer was very thoughtful in dividing the wardrobe into different sections so that she could sort her clothes into categories for easy storage.


Platform beds are typical large hydraulic beds with no complicated internal partitions, making it easy to store large items such as suitcases or winter clothes. There is a long staircase on the floor, which can also be used for storage. A dressing table is built at the end of the stairs, which can be placed on the stairs to dress up.


A built-in wardrobe is built next to the bed, and the wardrobe is directly underground. The lower floor is generally used for hanging clothes. After the clothes are hung, the space covered by the floor can be used.


The color scheme is white with wood grain, a typical Nordic style. Reduce the sense of pressure in the space, and have a long-lasting effect.


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