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白色焗漆衣櫃 白色衣櫃 衣櫃 油壓床床頭軟包 油壓床 油壓床 書枱 書櫃/飾櫃/吊櫃

If you think that the boards used in different colors are the same. You would be wrong. In fact, there is a certain relationship between color and board. In this case, we used white painted door panels. Painted furniture is generally made of densely packed boards. As for the shortcomings of furniture made from densely packed boards, we have mentioned it before. The reason why the paint furniture is made of dense board is that the surface of the dense board itself is relatively smooth, so it is particularly suitable for spray painting. The furniture door panels you see in the case are made of dense panels. The advantage of making painted furniture is that there will not be any joints visible on the edges of the door panels. If it is made of E1 board or fireproof board, there will be a thin black edge on the edge. Therefore, furniture made with baking paint is more beautiful. However, since furniture made by spray painting will emit formaldehyde, in order to prevent the bedroom from being filled with a lot of formaldehyde, we made the cabinet body a light wood grain color. The board used at this time was E1 multi-layer solid wood plywood. Two types of boards or colors are mixed with each other to create a different Nordic style. It not only has the beauty of painted furniture, but also has the environmental protection and safety characteristics of E1 board.

If you also want to mix different colors to create a different bedroom space, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.


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