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窗台床 窗台床

Do you know the knowledge of 3 window sill tatami?

There is a window sill in the house. If you want to make full use of the window sill space, making a platform bed is a good choice. But when making a window sill and platform bed, there are two things you may need to pay attention to.

Window side panels

Since the window sill bed sleeps directly next to the window, if you are afraid of heights, you should consider making a fence on the side of the window sill bed to prevent you from directly seeing the outside. The height of the hoarding should not be too high. It is recommended that the hoarding be 300mm away from the mattress. If it is too high, it will block most of the windows and reduce the sunlight entering the room. When designing surrounds, remember to take the thickness of the mattress into consideration.

Up and down stairs

Because the window sill is generally 500mm high, if the thickness of the mattress is added, the mattress surface may be 700mm high from the ground. It will be difficult to reach the bed at such a high height in one step. Therefore, it is recommended that when ordering a window sill tatami, you should add a half-height step to make it easier to get up and down.

Windows need to be grounded

Since your body may come into direct contact with the metal frame of the window while sleeping, there may be a risk of electric shock if lightning strikes. It is recommended that when ordering a window sill tatami, you should pay attention to whether the window has been properly grounded.

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