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A small room is often only 2 to 3 square meters in size and does not require much. It only needs three beds. It is best not to have too many designs. It would be great if it is made in a princess style. It must have enough storage space and a bed. No matter how you think about it, there seems to be something missing in the desk where you put your computer. Let Goodlight help you design it. Our staggered bunk beds will surely satisfy all your wishes.

Sleeping three people in one bed is easy

Can a staggered bunk bed (also known as an L-shaped bed) sleep three people? You read that right, you only need a customized bed, and you can sleep three people in a small room. The upper bunk sleeps one person, and the lower bunk sleeps one person. The lower bunk can also pull out a double bed, so the desire for three beds can be easily solved. There are 6 wheels at the bottom of the double bed. After placing the mattress, it is effortless to pull the bed out, making it very convenient to use.

Child-friendly design makes parents feel more at ease~

The upper and lower bunks are designed with popsicle stick fences to prevent children from bunking, and all fences are designed with extra large rounded corners to reduce the chance of children being injured. Using a stair cabinet instead of a straight ladder allows children to climb up safely. The outer part of the stair cabinet’s flip-up door also has rounded corners to ensure children’s safety. With these child-friendly designs, parents can naturally feel more at ease and not worry about their children getting hurt.

Irresistible princess style bed

The living room is a space shared by the whole family, and everyone will choose a relatively simple furniture style. However, the children’s room and bedroom are children’s personal little worlds. Naturally, they can be designed and colored according to their preferences. Women will definitely like pink and house-shaped beds. Designed.

Part of the upper bunk has a roof, which allows children to enjoy the feeling of living in a cabin, and the semi-open design will not scare children. The small windows on both sides of the house are hollowed out in a “field shape” to prevent children’s bodies from getting stuck and causing accidents. The entire bed is designed with color matching. The more colors will make the children feel happier and have a happy childhood.

In addition to the pink princess style that girls love most, you can also freely match it with other color combinations. For example, customers often choose a customized pink and blue combination. As long as you can name the style, our designers can work with you to create the ideal design and combination.

Hidden super storage cabinet

There are three beds and a cute princess-style design, but where can you put the clothes and toys? We arranged hidden super storage cabinets in the furniture early in the morning. The first is the stair cabinet, which can be used to place commonly used clothes. The desk also has two drawers to store stationery and documents. The small shelf is used to put some decorations. After putting the computer on the desk, there is still room to do homework.

There seems to be no place to put away the quilts and pillows of the double bed? Of course not, there is actually a hidden storage space under the double bed, and you can store quilts and pillows by lifting the cover.

Did you ever imagine that a staggered bunk bed could fulfill so many functions and desires? If you also want to customize a bunk bed and bunk bed that can sleep three people, please contact us.


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