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油壓床 睡房衣櫃 衣櫃 轉角衣櫃 衣櫃 轉角衣櫃

130-degree corner wardrobe creates a pure Nordic style room

This time we customized a 130-degree corner wardrobe for our guests to help them make good use of the corner space in the room. The difficult part of this wardrobe is not only the angle, but also the position of the top. It is not easy to avoid these two structures at the same time when customizing a wardrobe. The color of the wardrobe is white spruce, which is characterized by a vague light wood grain on the snow-white surface. This kind of texture is more stain-resistant and durable than pure white. The light-colored wardrobe complements the hydraulic bed and bedside tables in the room, perfectly creating a pure Nordic style room.

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