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Semi-open designs are becoming more and more common in modern small-square-meter rooms because the space area is not large. If you want the indoor space to be more open and spacious, reducing walls is one of the ways. Even now, many new buildings adopt open kitchen and bedroom designs. If you want to retain a little privacy, you can add screens, tatami mats, half-height cabinets or movable sliding doors to the open design. Into a semi-open space.

Who is suitable for a semi-open bedroom?

[Families living alone or with two children]

The sound insulation effect of a semi-open bedroom is definitely worse than that of a bedroom with a door. If you live with several family members, different living habits and work and rest times will inevitably affect each other, so a semi-open bedroom is more suitable for people living alone or with a small family. Home Adoption.

Several family members living together may have different living habits and influence each other, so semi-open bedrooms are more suitable for families living alone or with two small children.

【Family with pets】

Although some families will build a small door at the bottom of the door to facilitate pets’ entry and exit, the most convenient decoration for pets to move around must be an open/semi-open room design. Reducing the number of walls can expand the space for pets to move around the home.

[There are elderly people at home who need care]

If there is an elderly person at home who needs to be taken care of by other family members, you can consider converting the elderly person’s bedroom into a semi-open bedroom to facilitate family members to check the elderly person’s situation in the room. It will also be more convenient for the elderly person to call their family members.

In addition, reducing the number of doors also makes it easier for the elderly to enter and exit the bedroom.

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Semi-open bedroom partitions

The semi-open bedroom abandons the traditional door design and instead uses a furniture layout to narrow the entrance to the room, and adds a glass or wooden screen as a separation between the bedroom and other spaces, which can reduce the pressure on the wall and allow the space to be changed at will. , used according to different needs.

There are different ways to create a semi-open bedroom, here are some of the most common ones:

[Divide independent small areas with tatami mats]

Floor height difference is an important design technique to replace partition walls, because urban houses in Taiwan are usually very narrow. The most common method is to use tatami mats to divide the space. Then even without partition walls, the space can be clearly defined and at the same time can Provides huge storage space in limited space.

The semi-open bedroom is divided into independent small areas with tatami mats

[Use the color difference between the movable sliding door and the floor]

If you want your bedroom to look independent, but don’t like an overly closed partition design, you can use movable sliding doors and match the flooring with different colors and materials to maintain an independent layout when open.

【Glass or wooden screen】

Glass screens have high light transmittance, which can increase the sense of space. Different types of glass also have different light transmittance effects, such as frosted glass and Changhong glass, which combine privacy and space.

In addition to preserving privacy in a room, wooden slat screens also add interesting lines to the space.

Semi open bedroom

Semi-open bedroom design tips

1. The headboard extends to the desk to form a landscape

In a semi-open bedroom, since there is no door to block it, the furniture in the bedroom can be seen from the outside, so the consistency of the furniture can make the entire space beautiful and tidy.

The headboard extends from the bedroom to the desk, visually leveling the furniture of different heights. Looking into the room from the outside, it seems to form a simple and refined landscape.


2. Place the bedroom so that you don’t look directly at the outside.

Although the bedroom design is semi-open, it is inevitable that the situation inside the room can be seen from outside the room. However, the bedroom should be placed behind a screen, or in a place where it cannot be seen directly from the outside, so that the bedroom can retain more private space.

3. The large wardrobe extends outside the bedroom and is not affected by the layout of the room.

Without the limitations of walls and doors, the wardrobes and storage cabinets in the bedroom can be extended to the living room and combined with living room cabinets or display cabinets.

The integrated cabinets will reduce the visual burden, because too many independent cabinets will make the space look cluttered. Therefore, in semi-open or open spaces, you can choose to connect large storage cabinets in different spaces together for customization.

Semi open bedroom

If you also need to customize similar semi-open bedroom furniture, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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