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What looks like a locker is actually a bed~

This time we ordered a giant “bed cabinet” for our guests. Why do I say this? Because this is an extraordinary locker. Although the appearance of this locker is the same as an ordinary locker: it has 4 door panels, it is actually a bed. It is a full 4 feet deep, with open sides and a mattress on top. The height of this cabinet is even more than 3 feet. When going to bed, you need to walk through 3 stairs, each of which is 1 foot high. This 4-foot-deep and 3-foot-high bed cabinet can hold 12 Japanese plastic boxes, which is a sufficient storage capacity. If you really have a lot of plastic boxes to store in your house, and the floor is not too short, you can consider this design. Toys and books can all be stored~! Friends who need to order, please feel free to contact us~!





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