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Featured wooden sliding door

If you want to add a bit of character to your wardrobe, but ordinary boards can no longer satisfy you, try using characteristic wooden strips to make sliding doors. The three-dimensional effect of the wooden strips is a bit like a Japanese sliding door, and it also has a flavor of traditional Chinese furniture, which instantly enhances the texture of the sliding door wardrobe.

Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe

Enter the baptism of nature

The wood grain board and wooden slat design, and the sliding door that occupies an entire wall, make walking into the room feel like walking into a forest and being surrounded by trees. For people who have lived in the fast-paced city life for a long time, it seems like It’s like being baptized by nature with freshness and comfort.

Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe
Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe

Three sliding doors allow for more careful storage

The three-sliding door design divides the space in the wardrobe more carefully. The wardrobe can be allocated to different family members, and different clothes can be allocated to different spaces for storage according to seasons.

Although each wardrobe has a chest of drawers at the bottom, some space is left to hang coats and long skirts, taking care of the needs of different types and lengths of clothes.

However, the disadvantage of the three-sliding door is that it can only open three parts of the wardrobe at a time, and cannot open two doors at the same time. Unless it is built as a three-track sliding door, two doors can be opened at the same time. However, the width of the track will increase, occupying According to relatively more space.

Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe

glass-sided drawers

The first compartment of the chest of drawers in the wardrobe is a glass-sided drawer. The special shallow drawer is like a decoration tray. After putting the jewelry in, it can not only prevent dust, but also see the jewelry collection through the glass surface, making it easy to select.

Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe

Top cabinet door dust strip

Dust-proof strips can be added to the top cabinet doors of sliding wardrobes to reduce the chance of dust entering the gaps in the cabinet doors. There will not be a gap in the appearance, making it naturally more beautiful and unified.

Characteristic wooden sliding door wardrobe

If you also want to customize a wooden wardrobe or furniture with special features, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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