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If you want to be able to read on the bed or you have the habit of urinating at night, it is a good choice to build a bedside table with a light next to the hydraulic bed. But have you thought about how to turn on and off the bedside lamp? In fact, there are several ways to turn on and off the bedside lamp, depending on whether there is a lamp position on the bedside itself.

There is a lamp on the bedside of the hydraulic bed

If the bedside itself already has a lamp position, that is, there is already a wall-mounted bedside lamp, then the bedside table lamp can be wired from the wall lamp and controlled by the original switch system. The location of the switch system is usually already built during decoration, usually at the door and placed together with the switch of the ceiling light in the room.

There is no lamp position but there is a plug-in position

It is actually a very common situation that there is no lamp position but there is a plug socket nearby to draw electricity. In this case, the lamp on the bedside table of the hydraulic bed can directly draw power from the plug-in socket. There are generally two ways to switch on and off. The first is to make a circular mechanical switch on the side of the bedside table. The other way is to make a wireless system like the following case. The advantage of wireless systems is that they can be placed anywhere or attached at any location. In addition, multiple wireless systems can also be equipped, one for the door and one at the bedside, making it more convenient to use. But because it is wireless, the chance of failure is relatively high, while there is absolutely no risk of failure with mechanical switches.

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