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I believe every girl has a dream of having a cloakroom in her heart. Love of beauty and dressing up are thoughts deep in the heart of every girl, and girls generally have more clothes and accessories than boys. When living space is limited, too many clothes can easily become cluttered. If you can have one of your own If you have a separate cloakroom, life will be much better.

Quickly learn some knowledge about the cloakroom, you can also have a cloakroom!

Types of cloakroom

1. Built-in cloakroom

This kind of cloakroom makes full use of space and corners, making the space more simple and easy to keep tidy. The cabinet doors are mostly designed with sliding doors. If the bedroom has beams and columns, consider making a built-in wardrobe so that all recessed spaces can be used.

Built-in cloakroom

2. Independent cloakroom

If you have higher requirements for space area, you need an independent cloakroom to be both beautiful and practical. The independent cloakroom is characterized by ample space and good dust protection.

獨立式衣帽間, 每個女生都值得擁有的衣帽間, 全高身衣櫃, L形櫃, 飾物櫃
Independent cloakroom, a cloakroom that every girl deserves, full-length wardrobe, L-shaped cabinet, display cabinet

3. Open cloakroom

More and more people are arranging the dressing room between the bedroom and the bathroom, which is a clever arrangement especially for small bedrooms. The advantages of an open cloakroom are air circulation and spaciousness, but the disadvantage is poor dust protection. You can use dust bags to hang clothes, or use boxes or baskets to place clothes to reduce dust on clothes.

Open cloakroom

Spatial Planning

The area of ​​the cloakroom does not need to be large. You can use partitions, drawers, etc. to store a large amount of clothing. In addition to clothes, shoes, hats, bags, bath towels, bedding, etc. can also be placed. The partitions in the wardrobe can be divided according to the type of clothing, including hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, footwear area and accessories area. wait.

The form of the cloakroom can be based on the existing layout of the room. Squares are usually in a U-shaped layout; long and narrow ones are better arranged in parallel on both sides; wide and long ones are suitable for L-shaped layouts.

每個女生都值得擁有的衣帽間, 全高身衣櫃, L形櫃, 飾物櫃每Cloakrooms, full-length wardrobes, L-shaped cabinets, and display cabinets that every girl deserves

glass display cabinet

Add a glass display cabinet to the cloakroom, which can be used to display bags, jewelry and other fine products. The glass cabinet door is dustproof and can display collections. It becomes an embellishment of the cloakroom. The display form can also let you know your collection more clearly. Easy to take and use.

玻璃飾物櫃可用來展示手袋, 成為衣帽間的點綴, 也方便拿取手袋使用
Glass display cabinets can be used to display bags, become an embellishment in the cloakroom, and are also convenient for holding bags.

Lighting Design

For an independent cloakroom, lighting, color tones and other elements must be reasonably arranged when designing. In terms of lighting, it is best to use a light source close to natural light. It is ideal if natural light can be introduced so that people can see the most realistic colors when choosing clothes. Vision will not be affected by light.

每個女生都值得擁有的衣帽間, 全高身衣櫃, L形櫃, 飾物櫃, 衣帽間的燈光最好與自然光接近, 能引入自然光是最理想的
Every girl deserves to have a cloakroom. The lighting of full-length wardrobes, L-shaped cabinets, display cabinets, and cloakrooms should be close to natural light. It is ideal to introduce natural light.

Hardware Accessories

In addition to the general clothes rails, storage baskets, and drawers, the cloakroom wardrobe can also be equipped with some new hardware, such as rotating shoe racks, trouser racks, tie racks, and pull-down hanging rods. Among them, rotating shoe racks have become more popular in recent years. Very popular this year, it has greatly increased the collection of shoe cabinets by two to three times, saving space and being convenient to use.

In addition, the hidden full-length mirror and the folding rotating ironing board are the best partners in the cloakroom. They can be easily stored in the closet on weekdays and can be pulled out from the closet when in use. There is no need to run around looking for things.

衣櫃內的五金配件, 伸縮衣架, 下拉式掛桿, 腳架, 飾物盤
Wardrobe hardware accessories, telescopic hangers, drop-down hanging rods, tripods, display trays
衣櫃內的五金配件, 伸縮衣架, 下拉式掛桿, 腳架, 飾物盤
衣櫃內的五金配件, 伸縮衣架, 下拉式掛桿, 腳架, 飾物盤
Wardrobe hardware accessories, telescopic hangers, drop-down hanging rods, tripods, display trays

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