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The difference between tatami and storage bed

In order to increase the storage space in the room, many guests choose to make the entire room into a tatami. Tatami is indeed a way to increase the storage space in a room, but do you know the shortcomings of tatami itself?

sense of oppression

Although tatami can increase storage space, it also reduces the height of the building and increases the sense of oppression in the room.

The elderly have difficulty moving

Sometimes it is necessary to add steps to the tatami to help climb up. It may cause inconvenience to families with elderly people and may also cause household accidents. If you are a middle-aged person planning to retire, you may also want to consider knee problems. If your knees age later, you may have difficulty climbing up.

Easy to get dust

Another disadvantage of tatami is that it is easy for dust to enter, because there must be door panels of different sizes on the tatami, and there are certain gaps between door panels. These gaps are easy for dust to enter and are not easy to clean.

There will be a sound when climbing up

Since the entire room is covered with tatami mats, when you climb up, you will step directly on the tatami door panel, which may make noise and affect the rest of the person next to you.

Can’t make drawers

In traditional storage beds, drawers can be used on the sides of the bed to store commonly used clothes or underwear. But once a tatami is made, the number of drawers in the room will be reduced.


Although the overall storage capacity of a storage bed is not as good as that of a tatami, it can avoid the above problems. The storage bed allows you to get out of the bed on three sides. Take our case above as an example. We have reserved space at the end and sides of the bed, so you can climb out of the bed directly and your feet can directly touch the ground. Very easy to climb up and down. Tatami mats and storage beds actually have their own advantages and disadvantages. No matter which one you want to choose, we can help you, and you are welcome to make further inquiries to our company.





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