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L型床/ 組合床

New combination bed with high storage floor

The previous combination beds were bought one by one. For example, there are different styles of combination beds or luggage beds in both affordable and IKEA, but these are old models. Now the most popular combination bed design style in 2020 is a dual combination of floor bed beds and combined beds to make full use of the room’s space.

The upper grid can be a single bed or a double bed. Generally, an additional bedside/bed cabinet/bedside hanging cabinet is added to further increase the storage space. There are some special design styles, and the bedside bed will have a soft bag. In terms of the design of the lower bed, the most popular way today is to make the platform, using the floor to play the functions of lockers and bed boxes at the same time. Bookcases, desks or wardrobes can be added to the floor, which depends on it. There will be electric lifting platforms in some bedrooms.

The combination of combined bed beds and floor beds is already a major trend in 2020. If you also want to adopt this design, you are welcome to contact our designer at any time.


Raised Platform

Bunk Bed

Platform Bed

L-Shape Bunk Bed

Loft Bed With Wardrobe

Bunk Bed

Loft bed with table



Bedroom Cabinet





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