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Create a zero-pressure room

If the room itself is not too big, but you need a large number of cabinets for storage, and you don’t want it to be too overwhelming, what can you do?

This time, Hao Furniture will take a look at this case with everyone. The room size in this case is a standard 6 and a half feet x 6 and a half feet bedroom. A bedroom of this size is actually the size of a typical Hong Kong family bedroom. With a bed and wardrobe, there is no room for other furniture. We made a platform at the entrance of the room for storage. If the floor of the building is high enough, don’t worry if the platform rises a little. The special feature of the platform is that it can increase the storage space without being surrounded by cabinets, which will cause a sense of oppression. The optimal height of the floor is actually calculated from the two figures of height and building height. After finishing the floor, you need to make good use of the remaining walls of the room to make cabinets.

Lockers that reach the top are naturally good, but they will definitely feel very oppressive. If you want to reduce the feeling of oppression, there is actually a trick, you can use mirrors as doors. As you can see from the case, even if the two walls of this room are made of cabinets, it does not feel too oppressive because the wardrobe is made of two mirrors. Go through the door. Mirrors can reflect the remaining space in the room and double the remaining space, creating a natural sense of space. In addition to reducing the sense of oppression through mirrors, it is actually a wise choice to make a hollow cabinet. We made a hollow cabinet at the location of the room switch, which effectively increases the sense of space without affecting the use of lights in the room.

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