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If you want to save a little time and money by buying a ready-made platform bed, have you ever thought that you will lose an iPhone because of it? Ready-made platform beds often cannot be completely attached to the wall or window sill. Usually, you like to lie on the bed and slide easily. As a mobile phone user, have you ever thought that the gap of one or two centimeters can become a “mobile phone trap” at any time? If you accidentally lift your hands, your iPhone will fall into that seemingly insignificant gap. At that time, you will have to spend effort to push the entire platform bed to save your iPhone, so custom-made platform beds are absolutely It can help your mobile phone get rid of the crisis!

Customized platform bed VS ready-made platform bed

custom platform bed Ready-made platform bed
advantage Size, spacing, materials, etc. can be customized to fully meet aesthetic and storage needs.
Most of them have closing services, so there is no gap between the floor and the wall.
The price is cheaper,
No need to wait for ordering time
shortcoming The price is more expensive and customization takes time. Fewer style choices
There is a big gap between the floor and the wall
Size and spacing may not fully meet needs

If you want to install a platform bed in your room, you generally have two options. One is to buy a ready-made platform bed from a large furniture store, or the other is to find good custom furniture. However, there are few choices of ready-made platform beds, and they are difficult to fully meet the storage needs. The size may not match the size of the room, and there are gaps between them and the walls, forming a “mobile phone trap.” If you want to avoid the above problems, you can choose to find good custom-made furniture. Platform bed!

A custom platform bed can be tailored to the perfect size for a room, using up every inch of space. And the biggest advantage of custom-made is that after installation, we will perform closing services and fill the gaps between the platform and the wall with glue to prevent dust or debris from falling in, extending the life of the platform bed and protecting the safety of your mobile phone. Safety!


Room hydraulic bed

Integrated platform bed and wardrobe, both storage and aesthetics

The platform bed integrates the platform and the bed, omitting the bed beams and feet, and integrating a large amount of storage space into the platform. Therefore, it has become a home design style that is increasingly popular among young families. In this case, customers can order a wardrobe when customizing the platform bed, using the same type of board to make the room more consistent in style and greatly improve the tidiness of the space.

Dark wood grain has become a popular material for customized furniture in recent years, because it can create a variety of fashionable bedroom styles – paired with light-colored walls and soft furnishings, the depth and light levels give the bedroom a clear distinction between light and dark; Dark walls and soft furnishings can create a calm temperament. Guests can choose the most suitable wood grain board according to their personal aesthetics to create a bedroom style that is completely yours!

When customizing a platform bed, guests can also freely plan the storage space. The height of the platform can be determined based on actual storage needs and the layout of the room. Generally speaking, if the platform is mainly used for storage, the height is set at 16 inches (40cm), which can meet the storage needs of most families. For example, a 30-inch large suitcase and common home storage plastic boxes can be easily placed inside. platform,

In addition, when customizing a platform bed, you also need to consider the location of the windows and the height of the floor. Although raising the platform can increase storage space, if the floor of the unit itself is short, the platform should not be too high, otherwise it will cause a sense of oppression and reduce the sense of space. The height of the platform bed should also not be higher than the window to avoid blocking the view and sunlight. If the room has a window sill, you can consider lining up the floor with the window sill to widen the available space.


If you also want to customize furniture similar to this case, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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