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Have you taken the two safety measures when customizing tatami mats?

Tatami can help you increase the storage capacity of your room, but when customizing tatami, there are two key safety measures to take. If you ignore these two points, you may create safety hazards for your home.

Make steps when the tatami is higher than or equal to 400

If you want to step onto a 400-meter tatami in one step, it may be difficult for older people. At this time, Goodlight recommends that you add a small step in front of the tatami. The width of the step needs to be 500, preferably 600, and the depth , it is recommended not to be less than 250, and the optimal depth is 350, because it can be just enough for a foot to step on the steps of the tatami. If the width of the steps is greater than 600, such as 700, we recommend adding a neutral board in the middle of the steps to increase the supporting capacity of the steps, because the steps will be stepped on frequently, and the steps will be particularly affected when falling down the stairs. force. At the same time, please note that the steps must be tightly connected to the tatami with screws to prevent the steps from moving when climbing up and causing accidents.

Add handrails when there are elderly people at home

If there are elderly people at home, we recommend adding handrails next to the steps like in our case. This can prevent the elderly from losing their balance when climbing up and causing accidents without having anything to support them. In fact, many hardware stores in Taiwan sell non-slip handrails for wheelchair toilets, and the price is about NT$500.

Tatami door panels should not exceed 700 meters wide

If people often move around on the tatami, or there are objects that bear stress, such as sofas, we recommend that the door panel of each tatami cell should not exceed 700 meters wide. This width depends on the material of the door panel, which is plywood. If the door panel itself is not plywood, but other cheaper and poorer quality materials, such as dense board, sugar cane board, fiber board, etc., we recommend that the width of the door panel should not exceed 600. If the door panel width is larger than this number, the door panel will become warped over time. If you want to customize safe, reliable and high-quality tatami, you are welcome to contact us.






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