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“If you raise a child for a hundred years, you will worry for ninety-nine years.” Parents must want their children to grow up in a safe environment. As the baby in the arms of the child gradually grows up, running, jumping, and very lively, parents have to start thinking about how to design the furniture in the child’s room so that it is safe enough. Good Furniture, as a professional custom-made furniture store, of course understands the considerations of parents, so when it knows that it is designing a combination bed or a bunk bed for children, it will pay special attention to the design details to ensure that children can move and grow in a safe and stable environment.

Top fence to prevent windows and doors from pinching hands

I believe that many parents are worried that children will pinch their fingers and palms if they reach out the window, especially when the child is on the upper bed, someone may not see the upper bed when the window is closed on the lower bed, and accidents may happen. In addition, the combination bed cannot be installed completely close to the window and door (reserve space to open and close the window), so there must be a gap between the upper grid bed and the window door. When children are playing on the upper grid bed, dolls and sundries may be in this gap Falling off the bed or even out of the window.
To prevent children from reaching out of the window on the upper grid bed and sundries falling from the gap, you can refer to the fence design in the case. The fence near the window should be designed on the top to prevent children from reaching out from the window. In addition, the hollowed-out part of the fence is based on a size that cannot be passed by children’s hands, which can take into account the three key points of ventilation and safety.

No need to kowtow for the lower bed fence

After talking about the issue of the upper lattice bed, the lower lattice bed has a whole side of the fence next to the window, because the aluminum window frame is also a dangerous place for children. When they get excited about playing, they will easily crash into it. The window frame is knocked down to the head, so the surround can cover the edges and corners of the window frame. If it is large enough and budget-friendly, you can add soft cushions to make it more comfortable and safer for children to read and play.

Large rounded corner design makes sharp corners invisible


If children were told to be careful so as not to get hurt, then there would be no such thing as “accidents” in the world. Therefore, whether the child is active or quiet, safety design for getting in and out of bed is a must.
The fences and ladders are all designed with large rounded corners, and there are no sharp corners. Children can climb up and down, and parents can rest assured.
In addition, there is also a careful design position, that is, the edges of the floor near the door are designed with small round edges, making the sharp corners in the children’s room completely invisible and protecting the safety of the children.

If you want to customize a child’s bed, modular bed, bunk bed or platform, you are welcome to contact us via WeChat, or visit the store to inquire with the designer.





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