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In the past few years, we have helped customers customize hundreds of bunk beds and bunk beds. One of the very impressive bunk beds is the case I want to introduce to you this time. The guest has two children. They are still young and they are sharing a room for the time being. In order to leave a good growing memory for the children, the guest decided to design an exquisite bed for the children.

Highlights of Wuzai Bed 1: Soft colors, cute and comfortable

The main color of the bed is white, which makes the room look brighter. At the same time, the bed is also made of pink, which is favorite among children, with a small amount of gray to neutralize it. The color of the whole bed is soft, cute and comfortable. , mother and children are very satisfied.

Highlights of the House Bed 2: The cabin elements are beautiful and safe

Of course, the house bed has a lot of “roof”, “window frame” and “fence” elements. The upper lattice bed has a roof and window frame, as if you are in a fairy tale cabin, and a row of small ones is added near the window sill. The ice stick design looks like an eave, and it is a perfect match with the window sill! The customer was worried that the children sleeping on the cubicle bed would fall from the space on the window sill, so they specially added a design similar to a “small balcony”, which can be viewed from the window sill. Extending directly to the window position, it can not only place some small objects, but also prevent children from falling off the window sill from the bed, killing two birds with one stone. There are also window frames on the left and right sides of the bedside of the lower bed, which not only has a shape, but also allows light and ventilation, making the lower bed have a better sense of space. As for the fences and stair handrails, they are made of popsicle sticks, and the rounded corners are perfect for children’s beds!

Highlight 3 of the house bed: Customized model solves the defects of L-shaped room layout

The children’s room itself is “L-shaped” and has an oblique angle. It is difficult for ordinary ready-made furniture to use up this space. However, customized furniture from Good Furniture can perfectly solve the problem of the room layout not being square enough. Using a bookcase to modify the beveled edge at a diagonal angle not only straightens the wall lines, but also makes good use of the space to place children’s books. Next to the bookcase is the stair cabinet, which makes it easy for children to pack and retrieve books by themselves. The headboard of the bunk bed is just at the end of the “L-shape”. When you open the door, you will not see the bedside directly. In addition, the roof and window frame of the room element also have a little blocking effect, so the children will naturally have a good rest. Well, when parents check whether the children are sleeping well at night, they will not disturb the children. Therefore, even if the room layout is not square enough, customized furniture can provide the best design solution to the guests.

Highlight 4 of the Wuzai bed: All details are to ensure the safety of children

For safety reasons, the customer hopes that each level of the stair cabinet has a rounded edge design, which makes it safer for children to get up, down and play without fear of scratches. Of course, we must fulfill our mission and meet the customer’s requirements. You can see every level. The small round edges are very smooth to ensure the safety of children.

Point 5 of the house bed: The wardrobe on the top is enough!

There are bookcases at the end of the bed and next to the stair cabinet, and there are large cabinets and buckets and floor boxes under the bed for storage. There is a lot of storage space, but where is the wardrobe? It’s actually at the other end of the stair cabinet. The wardrobe at the top is enough to store clothes for two children. The buckets are for home clothes. The hanging area is for coats, dresses and school uniforms. There is also an open space below for toys or storage baskets, making it easier for children to organize themselves. Room.

If you would like to design a unique set of modular beds for your children, please feel free to contact us.





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