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There is a big window sill at home, how to use the window sill space? Wait for Hao Furniture to introduce you to the window sill design. The study room can have a large desk, and the cloakroom can be transformed into a luxurious dressing table. It is actually very simple to make good use of the window sill space.

A large desk extending from the window sill

There is a big disadvantage of using the window sill directly as a desk, that is, you will bump your feet when sitting! The depth of most window sills is between 40-50cm. If you want to use it as a desk or computer desk, the depth should be at least 60cm. Therefore, as long as you spend a little effort to extend the top of the window sill, you can sit comfortably without touching your feet. It can also meet the depth requirements of a desk or computer desk.

Multi-functional design: peeling plate, cabinet bucket, pull plate

The window sill cabinet can be used for open-panel storage, and can also be designed with cabinet buckets, keyboard pull plates, etc. to store daily necessities and computer peripherals, making it easy to keep desks and dressing tables tidy. The dressing table can also be customized with a hidden flip-up mirror. The dressing mirror under the cover is flipped up when in use, and folded away to become the countertop when not in use, which is very convenient.

Windowsill desk to enjoy the view outside the window

In addition to making good use of the window sill space, the advantage of custom-made window sill cabinets and window sills is that they face out of the window when working and making up. .

If you need to customize wardrobes and bookcases next to the window sill, you only need to make good use of the sliding door design, or you can choose to change some of them into stalks, so that they will not affect each other and are more convenient to use.

If you have a large window sill in your home and want to make good use of it without wasting space, remember to hire Haolite to help you design a window cabinet and window desk. Feel free to contact us at any time, or come to a Haolite store to have an interview with the designer!





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